The Warcraft Movie has an Awesome Fight Scene with Orgrim Doomhammer

by Kyle Hanson


Fans are ridiculously excited for the release of the upcoming Warcraft movie. Every tiny detail is lapped up and shared across the net. So, it’s not too surprising that the makers of the film took the chance to share some details about it at last weekend’s PAX East 2016. Featuring an hour long panel all about the movie, director Duncan Jones sat down with Robert Kazinsky, who plays Orgrim Doomhammer in the film. The discussion had a ton of highlights, so you can check out the whole thing right here, or keep reading fora few of them.

The whole hour was full of silly conversations about motion capture suits, and other stuff from the set. One piece that really stuck out was when Kazinsky and Jones shared a fight scene that was added a bit late into production. It seems that despite Orgrim Doomhammer being the most powerful and feaed fighter in the Orc community, he didn’t really have any big fight scene in the Warcraft movie itself.

They fixed this by adding one on the spot, with Jone providing the idea for a “inclined headbutt” maneuver. “One of the things I’m most proud of, and it was just the most fun, and the most silly, is we have all of these amazing people working on the film,” said Jones starting at the 21 minute mark of the video linked above. “Fight choreographers giving us these battle scenes, these amazing things, and great cool moves, and I just insisted on this one really daft move that I thought ‘I’ve gotta get this stupid thing in’.”

Asked what the move was Jones responded, “it’s an inclined headbutt, that Orgrim does.” Kazinsky then chimed in, describing how Orgrim doesn’t actually fight too much in the movie. They then filmed a few extra scenes to give him more action. The scene described involved Orgrim walking by another orc who challenges him. Orgrim then hits him in the stomach with the Doomhammer, lifts him into the air, and allows him to fall, head first, onto his own head, knocking him out. “No fight choreographer in the world would come up with that,” exclaimed Kazinsky.

The rest of the panel went extremely well with fans asking some great questions, and everyone expressing how much they love Warcraft and its universe. This includes Duncan and Kazinsky, with the latter proclaiming that no actor has ever been more qualified for a role, as he has literally spent the last few years playing a character exactly like Orgrim in World of Warcraft.

The Warcraft movie hits theaters on June 10th.

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