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Xbox One Home Gold Revealed

by William Schwartz


Microsoft has revealed new details about the Xbox One and their “Home Gold” initiative on the console, as well as digital sharing.  The plan sounds similar to what was in place before the Xbox 180 event.  Here’s what Marc Whitten had to say about sharing and Xbox Live Gold on the Xbox One.

According to Microsoft’s Marc Whitten, “Everyone in your home can share digital games with each other.  Your Xbox One can become your virtual game library filled with digital games that different people in the home bought.  Anyone can pick any digital game on your Xbox One, sign in with their own gamertag and play.”

Digital Games on the Xbox One will be tied to your account, so you can also use and share digital games when you sign-in to another console.   Apparently, you can also share Xbox Live Gold Benefits.

With the Xbox One “Home Gold”, one account can share numerous features with anyone on the console.    This includes all of the features associated with the Home Gold account:  Multiplayer Gaming, DVR, Smart Match and other applications that are stuck behind the paywall.

Friends and family that play on your Xbox One, can enjoy the benefits of Xbox Live Gold without limits.

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