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Xbox One Fall Lineup Already Playable According To Phil Spencer

by William Schwartz


Microsoft’s Xbox division head Phil Spencer recently took to Twitter in good spirits to show that Microsoft are hard at work at their Xbox One fall lineup, even this early in the game.

The Xbox head tweeted a message that mentioned he recently played four upcoming fall titles for 2015. It also mentioned how that them being playable now meant for great quality when the fall season finally arrives. Of course if this turns out to be true or not is completely anyone’s guess. Here’s what he had to say:

“In the last week play’d builds of 4 big Fall 15 games, 1&3 party. Playable now==great for quality in Fall, nice to be in 3rd dev yr of gen.”

An interesting aspect is that not all of the four games mentioned were first-party. It could be that one of them is Rise Of The Tomb Raider but that was quickly debunked given a reply he gave to a fan saying:

“I don’t own when 3rd parties talk about their games, I’m just lucky enough to get to play. I know some are announcing pre-E3.”

Now this can be considered as Phil Spencer teasing Xbox One fans but he insisted to a fan, that this was not his intention, as he was just showing how far they have come in the last two years.

“Wasn’t really meant to tease. Last 2 years with HW transition, teams weren’t where I see them now with their games this early.”

I guess now we just debate what the four titles could be. At least we will find out soon as E3 is just three entire months away. Xbox One fans will surely be anxious to find out just as anyone else.

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