Xbox One March Update begins rollout to all users

by AOTF Staff

The March system update for Xbox One consoles has begun rolling out to all users.  The finally brings screenshots to the Xbox One, as well as a number of new features which includes friend suggestions, real name sharing, tile transparency, and a much needed spam reporting tool.

Screenshots are easily the most anticipated feature in this latest update.  Fans had been asking Phil Spencer and company about the feature, as PlayStation 4 owners have been able to take and share screenshots easily since launch.  Screenshots can be accessed by using the Kinect “Take a Screenshot” feature, or by double tapping the Xbox button and pressing Y to save the screenshot.

Screenshots are then uploaded through the Upload application, where they can be stored to OneDrive, Twitter, or in messages.

You can check out the rest of the features of the Xbox One March Update in this video by Major Nelson.