2D Super Mario Brothers Coming to 3DS

by William Schwartz


It looks like Nintendo will be releasing another Super Mario game for the 3DS in the near future.  Satoru Iwata announced the next Super Mario adventure while bracing investors for the economic tidal wave of bad news for the company.  During the financial briefing, Iwata explained that this “totally new side-scrolling action Super Mario” would be a key title for the 3DS in the coming quarters.  This means we could see the next Mario game by next fiscal year for the company.

Nintendo’s next fiscal year begins on April 1st and ends next year on March 31st.  Sometime between now and then, 3DS owners will see this new game if everything goes to plan.  It could be a big year for the Mario Brothers, as Nintendo already has Luigi’s Mansion 2 scheduled for release, as well as a Paper Mario adventure waiting in the wings as well.

Super Mario games are Nintendo’s bread and butter, and apparently when times are tough, the adventuring plumbers are the ones Nintendo calls in to right the ship.

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