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Minecraft Creator Mocks The Nintendo Wii U Console

| August 15, 2014

Minecraft Creator Mocks The Nintendo Wii U Console  Nintendo  WIIU

The creator of Minecraft, Markuss “Notch” Persson, has openly expressed his opinion on what he thinks of the Nintendo Wii U console. He didn’t really have any nice things to say about it sadly.

Notch sent out some tweets recently bashing the Wii U console for some reason. Notch isn’t really a fan of the console since the Wii U is pretty much the only platform that is never getting a version of Minecraft. Anyway, Notch basically buried the console highlighting the fact that it doesn’t have many games on it.

Here’s what he said about the Wii U on Twitter:

“Something is flashing in my room, desperately begging me to charge it. Turns out it was my Wii U pad, so I put a pillow on top of it.”

“Don’t worry Nintendo fans, I love both games for the Wii U, and I’m really looking forward to the third one in 2015!”

The Wii U will have some decent looking games out in 2014. Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros. springs to mind. Not to mention Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and the top selling Mario Kart 8 came out in 2014 too.

What compelled Notch to insult the Wii U and Nintendo fans is anyone’s guess at this point. It’s probably a safe bet we will never see Minecraft ever released for a Nintendo console since Notch is not a huge fan.

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    Haha 2 GB of ram

    • TheCuddlyKoala

      Still has more ram than the iphone ya f@g! And your moms is still shittin on my dic!


        F@gfan :’)

        • Pattonfiend67

          You two make all vidiots look bad…

        • neo_aa

          Thank God the first three comments are always the classiest.

    • Pattonfiend67

      …and a buttload of amazing games that you will never play.

      I actually have two more but I cannot be bothered to get up and take a new picture.

      You’re just not worth it, unfortunately.

      • $113353191

        That’s dedication right there.


        Mario Mario and more mario

        • Epicstuf
          • Morgan Wills

            Wow! New CoD game is the same exact thing with a new jetpack!

        • Mario, Zelda, Rayman, Donkey Kong, zombi u, bayonetta 1 and 2, Pikmin 3, and a metric fuckton of classic titles via backward compatibility.

          • TheChosen

            dude, Sonyfans doesn`t know what Backwards-compatibility is ;) They now have Ports for everything the PS3 allready had. Sleeping dogs- Port- Tomb Raider- Remastered- The Last of Us Remastered- GTA 5 Definitive Edition etc.

        • brian cox

          gta,gta,gta. or godz of war blah blah blah, or final fantasy i wish it was finaly done with!!
          or how about more assassins games or hobbit games or more clones that r lackluster from the other systems

        • brian cox

          cod done over and over battle field 144 anyone!

        • TheChosen

          Hahaha! Uncahrted 1,2,3…4? Need for Speed 1-20? Tomb Raider 1,2,3,4 was good, then came part 5 which was crap. Part 6 was the worst Tomb Raider ever. Part 7,8 good. Part 9…? Dude don`t get me started. And now TR is dead. I don`t want to play a tomb Raider in which no more Lara Croft is in it ;)
          Also there are many more games which are series.

        • Ryushi

          Mario’s better than anything PS4, Xbone can offer.
          PS all Wii U haters : still butt-hurt over Bayonetta?

        • Pattonfiend67

          Strange, out of 35 games in that picture, there are only 3 Mario games (one of them is Mario Kart, which isn’t even really a traditional Mario game.) 15 of them are rated M FOR MATURE.

          You f’ng XB/PS4 hipster tool. You must despise yourself, according to your screen name…

          (…and no, you cannot count Luigi U, as Mario does not even make an appearance in the game.)

      • Wizard of Peace

        Great collection.

      • Chronic1e

        That is a nice clock.

      • Simon

        I love my Wii U, but your point kind of destroys itself when you have to use multiplats in your example…

        • Swinny

          Ok tool, isn’t that the argument used against the wiiu? “No third party support” cause I see a few. Plus 9 exclusives. 7 of which I can vouche are amazing games. How many exclusives worth mentioning do the Ps4 or Xbox1 have?

      • platomaker

        Madden? Sir, where are your standards!?

        • Pattonfiend67

          I am from Michigan, man. Calvin Johnson from the Detroit Lions was on the cover. I had no choice. If it makes you feel better, the game has never been played, just looked at.

          • platomaker

            …carry on sir.

      • Gamecube Adapter

        I’ve already played almost all those on my 360. Nice try

        • Pattonfiend67

          No you haven’t… How could you play Wii U versions of games on your 360.

          Nice try though…

      • johnnyboy

        thank you for posting that.

        • Pattonfiend67

          I have way more than that now. Over 40 games on disc, 35 indies, and another 25 VC…

    • Epicstuf

      So what?

    • Yep. As much as an iPhone and iPad Air. COMBINED. As much as 360 and PS3 combined and *doubled*.


        What’s your point?

        • Wow, way to miss the obvious.

    • dcj91x

      I have 2tb with my WiiU, so yeah.

      • Shawn Schaitel

        i have 1 2tb in each of my ps3 and ps4

    • skinny

      Cant wait for this fat chumps next game

      • Morgan Wills


    • bob

      Shockingly the Wii u Dev kit offers you to use up to 3.5 GB of ram suggesting that the WII U has 4Gb of ram. Ram isn’t the most important factor of gaming either.
      Sources: I have the WII U Dev kit

      • No, it’s that dev kits typically have twice the RAM of the console in order to account for the overhead of development tools for logging, tracking bugs and so on. Wii U has 2GB RAM.

  • leo bel

    Wow this guy is no brain .

  • Wizard of Peace

    He really shouldn’t be talking, hes only popular because he got lucky once…

  • Pattonfiend67

    Notch is that fat slob in the opening picture?


    I now no longer have any anger towards this guy since being a fat, angry worthless slob of a c*nt is punishment enough, lol.

    Poor guy…


      Makes more money than Nintendo

      • Epicstuf

        No he doesn’t. Are you on drugs?

      • LOL not even close :P

      • brian cox

        lol he wishs do u even know what all nintendo makes?

      • brian cox

        sml list of things
        Rice, Washers,dryers,toys,games,systems,books,stickers,paper,foods,snacks,etc etc etc………………………….

      • brian cox

        notch made a game that u can get for free

      • Alexis

        um fanboy much nintendo has more money than his whole fat ass familly combined and 1000x more

    • TheChosen

      He is an american dude ;)

    • Kenny ケニー

      Dude you are a motherfucker piece of sh*t, commenting on how others look just because he don’t like wii U, i just wonder how you look like, i bet you look worst than him.

      • Pattonfiend67

        …and by the way, I have been deployed twice; I have earned the right to say whatever the fuck I want.

        • thatoneguy

          Deployed for what? Cleaning up spills on aisle 8?

          • Pattonfiend67

            I don’t know what that means so it must not have been very funny.

          • James Parker

            Fucking brilliant comment XD

        • Stephen Blumberg

          I like your logic

      • Dzian Kolack

        And Kenny, you just said worst than him. Do you think that’s correct?! You are the true idiot here.

        • Pattonfiend67

          Thanks! I like educated foreigners! You put most Americans to shame!

    • James Parker

      poor guy??? he ate himself fat lol, deserves it if you ask me XD

  • jlahoud

    He is an idiot. .i mock his stupid game minecraft that has stupid archaic graphics and do not resembles any creative games like sim city…..Nintendo are the best gaming studio that create the best games….Wii U is about the gaming experience. …Never underestimate the power inside Nintendo

    • brian cox

      only ppl i seen playing it is kids and drunken layz ppl on dope! not weed

    • mikey

      Don’t wanna be an American idiot!

    • Vab


  • Matthew Sizemore

    What a bozo. He’s just jealous because he can’t create games anywhere near the level of nintendo games.


      haha that looks so s h i t

      • Alexis

        like minecraft?

  • Epicstuf

    I don’t even want Minecrap on the Wii U.

  • John

    Notch is a dick

  • xTrucho3

    Lol one hit wonder is what this slob is, let’s see him make another game, obviously he’s blinded with the cash Minecraft brought him and now he thinks he’s bigger than Nintendo lol

    • brian cox

      i love the ppl who mod it and make it what he couldnt

  • Stuart O’Quin

    This really puzzles me. I own a PS4 and Wii U, and my PS4 barely gets touched. “Destiny” should shake things up but, right now, I have a lot more retail discs (and VC downloads) for my Wii U.

    What “two games” he is referring to specifically is the question: Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Super Mario Bros. U, Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World, Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate, Nintendo Land, Mario Kart 8? Do original VC titles count – Shovel Knight, NES Remix 1&2, Nano Assault Neo, or Dr. Luigi? How about the Nintendo classics?

    • $113353191

      Wii U has more than two games worth playing.

      • TheChosen

        Lol. Whats more funny is- i never bought as many games for a handheld (3DS => 50 games in 3 years – only retail ones!)- and a console (WiiU => 30 games in not even 2 years, only retail-ones, Downloads and Indies not counted here. I don`t know what i should play first lol.

    • brian cox

      Trine,Cave,Fist Of The North Star, so many i have 42 titles and counting

  • josh

    He’s just mad because he doesn’t have the brains to make anything besides minecraft. I’ll take Nintendo any day over anything he does because I actually like to have quality games.

  • shadus

    I know its cool to hate on the Wii U but as game designer you would think he would have more compassion for other game designers and hardware makers in general and especially reverence for Nintendo and Miyomoto and what they have ment for the industry. Sure they didn’t make the best choices in the Wii U design but the impact they have in game and level design cannot be understated.

    • brian cox

      its just a learning thing for nintendo failure can shine alot of light on things. look at thw Fusion and Terminal they r working on

      • TheChosen

        I would not buy the Fusion or terminal if the only thing they do there is – adding up more graphcis! Dude, i don`t need more graphics, if i want to have better graphics, i switch on my PC. And- if REAL Nintendofans starts to boycott Nintendoconsoles because N starts to only add up graphics- dude, then N will be gone from the world of consoles. This will be the day i stop gaming.

      • SkullScience

        Erm, you do know fusion and terminal was a fake don’t you?

    • TheChosen

      He is just not grown-up yet ;)

      Please understand! :D Hahaha- Micro$oft! Kiss my ass, Microsoft!

  • Eric Degrechie

    Will anyone really care about Minecraft when No Man’s Sky comes out? Probably not. In 30 years people will still love Nintendo. Notch isn’t even worthy of cleaning up Shigeru Miyamoto’s shit.

    • Avey Tare

      No one cares about this twats game already. Rust is already cutting into their survival/creation fanbase among others. He’s just desperate for attention because he knows that Minecraft’s success was nothing but luck and that he’ll never be able to follow it up.

  • brian cox

    minecraft is stupid as hell and cheap looking!
    nintendo has more games then the other systems dummy! also the games made for it are better then the lamestation and shtbox 1. whats funny is minecraft isnt that big now and so many clones made that he has become no body now.

  • WellWisher

    Which game is he referring to? Splatoon, Captain Toad, Devil’s Third, Zelda or one of the others? I’m assuming he’s not referring to Bayonetta 2 or Smash as they’re out this year. Maybe he’s just no good at action games and likes to float around in quasi games doing nothing all day.

  • SkullScience

    Well, if he said this 6 months ago he would have been simply jumping the Nintendoom bandwagon, his ‘oh so cool’ voice drowned in the mass hysteria of many negative Wii U comments. Now that the Wii U get’s generally more favourable press, Notch has decided it will make him look ‘hip’ to buck the trend and bash the machine. What a manchild!!

  • lohocla

    What a tool

  • MonadoKnight

    Ouch that’s a bit un-called for, on miiverse there fans begging for minecraft on wii u and he’s just went and insulted the system. I dunno what’s more stupid though, the fact that he needlessly said those things or the fact he’s only got 2 games for a system that has many good games… Bit of a twat it seems.

  • Poopiefacetomatoejuice

    Apparently he was joking about the tweet he made about the Wii U.. He’s getting up in arms because he wants ‘the new Zelda game’ whether he is referring to Hyrule Warriors or the next gen Zelda, who knows.

  • Eric

    Hey, he can hate all he wants… He still bought a Wii U… He’ll probably buy another when the Minecrap fad runs thin & has to port it over to Nintendo.

    • Meridian

      Big names get hardware for free. Nintendo wants notch to use wii u, so they almost certainly gave him one.

    • Pattonfiend67

      He didn’t buy that shit. He got the development kit for free.

  • At least he’s finally being honest. I was getting tired of all the speculation over the reason why Minecraft hadn’t come to Nintendo consoles. Now we know.

    • Avey Tare

      Yeah we now know that he’s a cocky twat that won’t ever get my business.

  • dcj91x

    His opinion.. and yeah while he may feel that way towards Nintendo why is he attacking wiiu owners? I have MH3U, Lego city, zombiu, Mario kart 8, injustice, wonderful 101, one piece, pikmin 3, Zelda wind waker and tons of download games and am waiting on splatoon, xenoblade, bayonetta, hyrule warriors, smash and many more. Oh and I’ve never player minecraft and after being attacked for owning a wiiu I’m glad I haven’t.

  • me

    Yes because minecraft is know for its graphics heavy gameplay and cutting edge physics wait no its not the Wii U has 2 times the power as a ps3 and game makers have just maxed it out ala Last of us amd gta 5 …. the plethora of games oon my wii u I play alot is far superior to the 6 ps4 games. Im sure his opinion has more to do with Nintendo not paying him to put minecraft on wii u amd less to do with its hardware capabilities

  • oh no

    minecraft is garbage anyway….what so great about that crap game…..

  • oh no

    wii u sales are 7 million + ,while xbone one is not even 5 million……

  • mrhertz

    Notch expressed his opinion about the wiiU… opinion that he entitled to have, ensured by constitution, and therefore in no way he insulted the wiiU system or EVEN WORSE… the fans.

    Just because someone doesnt like something, and publically make the statement, doesn’t mean he offended anyone.

    Stop writing sensacionalist texts !!!! Even if you used figurative language, you know what this will provoke on people.

    Once this website had quality texts… what happened?

  • bortly

    The fat bitch still bought one though…oh and the Wii U actually has MORE QUALITY games then the xb1 and ps4 COMBINED.

  • mikey

    All that fame went to his head I guess, he doesn’t deserve to say shit

    • mikey

      Notch you fuckin down syndrome kid,,

  • Jack Ryan Spinella

    Notch you made a great game but this is unprofessional.

  • That guy from Behind

    Weird, I thought he liked Nintendo.

  • raja

    Actually I thing Nintendo Wii U is powerful console & easily handle Minecraft. The reason Wii U looks bad because of PS4 & X1 better hardware & gaming capacity.
    The biggest reason why everyone start turning back from Wii U is Weak selling of this Console
    Most of gaming developer don’t want to work with Wii U. Why Batman Arkham Knight is not coming to WiiU because of weak sell of other 2 Batman games came to Wii U

  • GamerWho

    What a Douche. Remind me not to buy his one video game that’s barely even a video game.

  • leo bel

    Hate is all about that feeling in all news about the big N . Well, why would you deny yourself to work on Wii U. Lets save some time and yes is less power compare to Sony and Microsoft but good enought to create a master pize like some of the good reviews shown in this very website, plus amazing ideas to come out with the Gamepad…ok hate… Developers not having what it takes to do so, just to fallow same pattern of better grafffics but empty wick story line and not supporting the Wii U, dind’t see that coming but now I hate for the big N do to all by them self … thanks to them we still got video games not reality simulators , once again free lessons at nintendo’s principal…

  • Robert Lawson

    notch is a fat sack of worthless shit, so who cares.

  • Carl Fin

    Wow, this guy seems really mature. Probably why he will only ever develop one game and it was a fluke. A graphically impaired fluke for 7 year olds.

  • Juan Carlos

    i never understood how that ugly game appeals to anyone anyway

  • Sejez

    Dude can’t draw, now it turns out that he can’t count either, hero of the people everybody!

  • josh

    i think the Wii u is just a family console mainly just for fun not hardcore gamers

  • Treecko Tliss

    Notch has posted other tweets saying he was joking XD He just wants the new Zelda now!

  • Rey

    Minecraft is a piece of shit game anyways, so who gives a fuck! I hate my Wii U too but I still have hope for. It.

  • Capt. Smoker

    Okay, a few points, Elephant in the room… nuff said, Minecraft is a terrible game, on to my next point, nobody cares about your opinion fat ass.

    • Kandy Dotson

      Lol good one.

    • Epicstuf


  • Kandy Dotson

    What an idiot, dude got lucky. His game is garbage, twenty year old graphics and no point to it. But the kids sure love it for some reason? I’m going to try my luck on a scratch off ticket.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I wouldn’t say this is mockery or insult really. Although that joke would have been funny maybe a year ago

  • An Tran

    Funny guy, considering PS4 and XBone both have “no games” when compared to Wii U. Also, PC MASTER RACE now that I’ve upgraded to a newer GPU.

  • Hahaha

    Bs that fat bitch! He dare insults an amazing console?! Good luck releasing minecraft for them PS Fanrabt boys u fat ass, they’re graphic whores and minecraft’s graphic sucks!! Haha!!

  • Rabbi Bongstien

    Hey remember that amazing part in Minecraft where the creeper blew up? Oh man gamers are gonna be talking about that for years to come. Revolutionary! I can’t wait for Minecraft 2 to come out when the flaming zombies have next-gen graphics. And the BOSS BATTLES! Don’t even get me started on the epic Minecraft boss battles. W-A-S-D for life son!

  • BlueVette

    Well, it is the trendy thing to poke at Nintendo. So, I guess he is trying to be cool and somehow make himself relevant. But, at least the grossly inaccurate statement of only having a couple of games to play on the Wii U is still more than the number of successful games he has produced. And the one that he got lucky with is barely a game as it is. I wish him the best in his future endeavors and perhaps he’ll find a way to rise above the commonality of bashing a truly creative, innovate and successful company.

  • Y so mean Notch?

    Screw you Notch! The Wii U is in its early times and, like all other new consoles, doesn’t have many games to start. But then, there’s alot! There’s Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Mario Bros U, Mario 3D world, Zombie U, Mario kart, Scribblenauts, Nintendo Land, Rabbids Land, just to name a few. Plus TONS of Virtual Console and backwards compatability!

  • Edwin Jackson

    Get a charging stand. My Pad is always charged up. Only had the low battery flashing once, because i put it on the wrong stand, when i watched Netflix.

  • platomaker

    Buyer’s remorse. But things are starting to look that way, another edition of the Wii U console that supports multiple tablets and has gamecube controller ports could be coming. If it does show up then there will finally be an update to the original Wii, Wii U has some games, but a lot of the tech seems to be retracing old steps with more glamour and less content. Not that a power update would automatically correct it either, but don’t re-re-release the wiishop channel and expect people not to draw that conclusion. (p.s. gameboy games are fine, but aren’t the main attraction) Everything about the system’s execution seems lopsided. Thank goodness for smash4.

  • UltraIronManX

    You really have to stop saying that notch, I mean most people love that game, it’s not just the creator’s decision, it’s also the fan’s votes, Nintendo will face a horrible Minecraft Fail if Minecraft was never on any Nintendo Console, we need to start a fundraising campaign so Minecraft can go on Wii U or 3DS, or NEW Nintendo 3DS, we could make Minecraft the best there is for a simulator, more than a simulator, it’s everything the world can share, it’s life.

  • UltraIronManX

    And if you have anything else in your world you want to use to make Minecraft famous, SEND NOTCH A HELPING HAND! THE ROAD TO NINTENDO MINECRAFT!

  • bbbbbbbn

    Notch why you gotta be such a dick

  • §*«U mAd BrO»*§

    Was hoping for a Minecraft port on Wii U, but I can’t see that happening any time soon…..

  • italodance

    No way,this game is good most on Vita and PS4.
    I bet Wii U could not run this,don’t talk about 3DS ,you make me laugh.

  • tetelu

    So basically Minecraft’s creator just helped me decide go for Wii U. Well done Notch.

  • Chaz

    He caught phil fishingsons disease

  • cir

    He doesn’t have any thing on Nintendo why would he bash them when all he did was make a game about blocks at least Nintendo has some creativity.

  • johnnyboy

    the wii u gampad doesnt flash when its dead.

  • weegee

    the wii u started of shit and its just getting better he’s gonna regret everything he said,i still have a lot of respect for Notch either way

  • sonic

    plz on wii u

  • I hate notch for that.

  • Wii U Is Awosome

    Like I Found Boogers In Minecraft Notch And I Saw 1 Star on Rating Night in minecraft

  • Game-Hogger

    Aaaaand what’s this? Minecraft made its way to the Wii U and it now has a ton of titles along with a ton of fans to back it up.

    Along with being depressed about selling your company and being lonely, Minecraft ALSO hit the Wii U!

    I’m looking forward to your next big title, Notch!

    • Game-Hogger

      Reflecting, people also see Minecraft as a product so whatever fits your preferences, guys.

  • Jet

    And would you look at that. Wii U ended up getting Minecraft.

  • Really

    Shame on you. Some of us parents can not afford three or four different consols. Too bad our kids would like to play a game some lucky, fat guy made. Karma

  • Rebecca

    my Daughter is 7 idiot, how much do you think she really needs? You are how old playing video games? Do i need that much for My Little Pony and Shopkins Too? You’re an asswipe. Think before you are so fast to criticize dork.

    • Unknown gamer

      I love minecraft AND wii u and I don’t care about Xbox but I can’t afford a pc so just make the fuckin game for wii u

      • $$$$$$$$$

        Plz plz plz

  • Morgan Wills

    minecraft is on the wii u now! The fat chump gave in.

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