Nintendo confident in Wii U and the survival of dedicated gaming consoles

by William Schwartz


Despite naysayers coming out of the woodwork in recent weeks, Nintendo has a lot of confidence left in their Wii U console. Dedicated to support the hardware, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata recently addressed investors about the company’s future, and its place within the video game industry.

“Natually, our stance is that dedicated gaming platforms will not die out and we are determined to create a future where they will not,” said the Nintendo exec in a recent Q&A Session. While many are already calling for the premature death of the Wii U, it doesn’t look like Nintendo has any plans of going softly into the night.

Last year, the games industry made big strides toward cloud gaming and digital distribution, but Nintendo is holding steadfast with their plans to support physical consoles in the future.

Iwata touched on the pitfalls of cloud gaming, and it appears the company won’t be taking to the cloud any time soon. When pressed on Sony’s recent acquisition of Gaikai, Iwata relayed Nintendo’s thoughts on gaming in the cloud, and feels like the technology has a long way to go before being a standard.

“There are many things that cloud gaming cannot do by design, but this fact has not been communicated well to the public, and I find it strange that many people claim that cloud gaming is the future,” said the Nintendo CEO.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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