Two New Zelda Games coming to Wii U

by William Schwartz


Today’s Nintendo direct housed a couple of big announcements for The Legend of Zelda fans. The first was a bit of good news, with the announcement of an HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Eiji Aonuma revealed the game during a streaming event, where he showed off the differences that the HD console can make to the franchise.

The second Zelda related announcement was a bit of a let down. Remember that “Next-Gen” Zelda game that was shown when Nintendo announced the Wii U back in 2011? Well that game isn’t coming out for quite some time, but Iwata says that development is coming along nicely.

“It will take some time for a more concrete announcement,” said the executive. While the HD remake of Wind Waker looks like it will do well to hold off the angry mobs of Zelda fans looking for that first next gen experience on the console, at least the company is trying to please them in some capacity.

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