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Adult Swim and Valve team up for a Team Fortress 2…hat

by William Schwartz


Quite possibly the oldest and most overused joke in the Team Fortress 2, no, the Valve community is that of TF2‘s overly-abundant hat collection. Every time there’s new Team Fortress 2 content in the works, somebody jokingly guesses that it’ll just be a new hat pack. The announcement that Valve and Adult Swim were teaming up on a new project had us jittery with excitement. We even wishfully guessed that the “Meet the Pyro” video would debut on Adult Swim’s programming block. But no. The new “project” is in fact, yep, you guessed it… a hat.

Adult Swim revealed today that they’re offering a free, limited-edition Robot Chicken hat for any class in Team Fortress 2, and all you have to do to get it is sign up for the Adult Swim newsletter by July 4.

We’re hoping that this is just a cruel joke and that the partnership has something cool and a tad more ambitious in the works. Adult Swim noted that the hat is the first in what will be a series of new content coming from Valve and AS.
Next week? Exclusive Meatwad hats!
Source: Adult Swim


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