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Battlefield 1 Night Map ‘Nivelle Nights’ Coming June 1st

by Al McCarthy


Battlefield 1’s first night map is slated to arrive on June 1st, according to the official Battlefield site where DICE revealed the first beautiful image of the Nivelle Nights map.  Early June will be the first available time to play the night map, which will be available for Premium Pass owners.

The image above is our first look at the map, but here’s what DICE has to say in describing the map which is lit by moonlight, fires, and laterns.

“As darness falls over the muddy battlefields around Malmaison and Soupir, French and German batteries perpare to yet again support their troops on the contested ground.

The moon, the searchlights, and artillery lights up the night skies, exposing the vast network of trenches.  Bite and hold as your foe will fight for every inch of ground.  Strategy and teamwork will overcome those who have neither.”

While DICE says that the map will currently only be available to premium members, they haven’t made it clear whether the map will roll out to all Battlefield 1 players eventually.  There’s also no word on whether this DLC Map will be covered under the “Premium Friends” feature that DICE rolled out recently that allows players who team up with a friend who is a Premium member to access premium maps.

Mark the date, Battlefield 1 takes to the night on June 1st.

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