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Minecraft 1.5 coming in early March

by William Schwartz


Minecraft update 1.5 will arrive in roughly two weeks time, according to Jens Bergensten of Mojang. The Minecraft developer announced the good news via Twitter, so those waiting on the “Redstone Update” don’t have much longer to go.

Update 1.5 will feature enhancements to Redstone, changes to the rendering engine lighting, and a bunch of other features that have been being worked on for quite some time. Originally announced all the way back at MineCon ’12, update 1.5 will see big changes across the board for the PC version of the popular block-building title.

There is a laundry list of changes and fixes coming to Minecraft in update 1.5. Here are the highlights.

Minecraft Update 1.5 Gameplay Changes


Death Messages – Players will now be able to see what killed them with death messages. For PvP, if one player killed another, the weapon used will be shown in the message.

Inventory Fixes – Armor can be equipped by right clicking on it, and items can be dropped by pressing Q.

New Blocks and Items in Minecraft Update 1.5


Hopper – The Hopper is a new block that moves items into and out of containers

Dropper – The Dropper is a new block that drops an item from its inventory each time it is powered. Similar to the dispenser with some different functionality.

Redstone Comparator – Looks and functions similar to the repeater, except it has an additional redstone torch with two inputs.

Daylight Sensor – Works like a solar panel, and emits a redstone signal if it is bright enough to do so. The strength of the daylight sensor varies on the time of day.

New minecart functions – Minecarts are getting a few different new ways to use them in update 1.5. Carts will be able to be used with TNT, the Hopper, and Spawner.

You can grab the full rundown of the changes on the Minecraft Wiki page.

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