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No PC Patches for Mass Effect Andromeda Pirates

by Al McCarthy


It didn’t take long for Mass Effect Andromeda to hacked and pirated on PC, despite being protected by Denuvo DRM.  However, it appears that EA has another trick up their sleeves to deter piracy of the game by adding a new version of Denuvo in the game’s latest PC patch.

That patch, which many awaited, fixed some of the visual oddities that the game had at launch, alongside a myriad of other improvements to the game.  (You can find those patch notes here)

What this new version of Denuvo means for those who pirated Mass Effect Andromeda is that they’ll be stuck with the vanilla version of Mass Effect Andromeda for the forseeable future as there is no crack available for this version of the anti-piracy DRM.

More games should be moving to this version of Denuvo if they want to deter piracy of their games.  Nier: Automata, Dead Rising 4, and 2Dark, all which use the technology have yet to show up on popular torrent sites where people download the cracked versions of the games.

Though the cat and mouse game is never over.  The original Denuvo was cracked and this one likely will be too.  Until then, it’s dead faces in Mass Effect Andromeda for those who chose to download the game illegally.

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