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August Xbox One Update Now Live

by William Schwartz


Xbox One seems to get monthly updates as well as an ongoing Preview program for upcoming features. Thankfully, Xbox One owners can rejoice as the August Xbox One update is now live.

Xbox One owners will have an update when they turn on their console and it looks to add a few features and enhancements to the console. The update features the newly revamped activity feed under your friends section. It looks to be more streamlined and is kind of slick. You can now post on your activity feed letting friends know when you will be on or other such updates, that is now streamlined so everyone on your friends list (or whatever you have your settings set to) will see the update. Removed was items deemed unnecessary such as transitions from games or apps, in favor of important developments like achievements or uploads. Moreover, you will be able to ‘like’ and ‘share’ items to your activity feed. Does any of this seem familiar to anyone?

Additionally 3D Blu-Ray support has been added via the Xbox One update as well as well as one of the most requested features, mobile purchases. Battery notifications have also been added to let players know when their controller reaches a critically low state. Check out the update in action with this video from Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson.

The August update is now available to download.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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