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Aura Kingdom trailers and information

by William Schwartz

Aura Kingdom, the latest free to play MMORPG by Aeria Games, has entered it’s closed beta stage. The trailer above has been released alongside the start of the beta. If you haven’t heard of Aura Kingdom, check out the official game page here, they have a ‘Features’ page which gives a little more insight into the game. The page boasts about ‘Interactive Companions’, ‘Fast, Fluid Battles’ and ‘Stunning Anime Art’. For more on Aura Kingdom, why not check out the other game trailers;

  • Eidolon Trailer shows off some of the companions you can have, with gameplay of their combat.
  • Class Trailer – takes a brief look at the 8 playable character classes.
  • Teaser Trailer– the first piece of footage for the game, giving you a hint of what the game involves.

What do you think of Aura Kingdom? Look like your kind of game? Tell us in the comments.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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