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The Best Multiplayer is on Xbox One?

by William Schwartz


The best online multiplayer community resides on the Xbox One. That is, according to Microsoft’s most recent piece of marketing for the console. A brief trailer highlights some of the upcoming releases for the Xbox One, and makes a pretty bold claim.

This new piece of marketing for the Xbox One could signal a strategy shift for the company, looking to appeal once again to that core gamer who they catered to with the Xbox 360. The games in the trailer would traditionally have done well on the Microsoft consoles, with the company leveraging Xbox Live as a strength.

Third party games like Call of Duty, Halo, and others topped the charts month after month when it came to Xbox Live activity during the hayday of the Xbox 360. Microsoft has been trailing Sony when it comes to console sales of their new machines, and apparently they want to remind potential customers of the benefits of the Xbox One.

Since November, the platform has seen a number of updates that enhance this multiplayer functionality on the console. A party system that allow users to migrate between games seamlessly, numerous improvements to the interface and dashboard for more details about the Xbox Live community, and other features have been implemented in monthly updates to the console. An aspect of the Xbox One, that many say, is outperforming Sony’s PS4.

Microsoft has been making some bold claims lately. A similar piece of marketing claimed the “Best Exclusives” resided on the console, which apparently also has the “Best Multiplayer”.

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