Dr Luigi Wii U Trailers

by William Schwartz

Dr Luigi, a throwback to the old Dr. Mario game on the NES, has been released in North America and a couple of trailers for the Wii U exclusive have surfaced. The one embedded above is courtesy of IGN, while a similar trailer had the same content laid out differently last month.

Both trailers outline the 4 playable modes of Dr Luigi;

  • Retro Remedy the same, classic action you know and love from Dr. Mario.
  • Operation L a new twist on the old classic, where two pills are joined together to form an ‘L’ shape and thrown in.
  • Virus/Germ Buster essentially Retro Remedy, using the WiiU’s gamepad screen to control the capsules.
  • Multiplayer online or local multiplayer versions of Operation L or Retro Remedy.

I used to play Dr. Mario all the time as a child, so this enticed me when I first heard of it. But is it worth playing, or would dusting of the old Nintendo Entertainment System be a better cure for nostalgia? Discuss in the comments below.

Dr Luigi is out now on Wii U in North America, but will not launch until January 15th in Japan and Europe.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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