First NBA Live 15 Gameplay Footage Shown

by Damian Seeto


EA Sports has now revealed the first little piece of gameplay footage from NBA Live 15.

We’ve already seen what NBA Live looks like through screenshots and the debut trailer, but this is our first chance to see what the actual gameplay looks like. Many people criticized both the graphics and animations in NBA Live 14. Is NBA Live 15 an improvement?

Bear in mind the video is a “work in progress” and may not be representative of the full version of NBA Live 15. The footage is also from the PS4 version of the game. The game will also be released for Xbox One too, but no other versions are being planned at this time.

The gameplay of NBA Live 15 shows snippets of the Cleveland Cavaliers taking on the Houston Rockets. We get a glimpse of LeBron James taking a monster slam dunk as well as James Harden flexing his muscles.

The game itself looks like a huge improvement over last year’s NBA Live 14. The graphics are a step up as the players look far more realistic. The animations are also better, but there is room for improvements. EA Sports has delayed the game for three weeks, so hopefully the extra time is made to polish up the loose ends.

NBA Live 15 comes out October 28th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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