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Ghost Recon Online Wii U Demo

| June 9, 2011

Ghost Recon Online Wii U Demo E3 News Videos  WIIU Ghost Recon Online

Nintendo announced during their E3 press conference that a number of shooter franchises were on their way to the Wii U. The Ghost Recon series will be among them, and it’s been said that the Wii U will be the premier console for Ghost Recon Online. The tech demo below partly explains why that is, as the Wii U controller will be used for scanning environments and surroundings for a better layout of the map as well as for finding camped out enemies. Finding a solid shooter franchise that does not feel awkward with the Wii U’s controls will either make or brake the popularity of the console with the more “hardcore” gamers. Only time will tell if Ghost Recon Online will prove to be the backbone that Nintendo is searching for.

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