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New Cities Skylines Footage

by Danny Vittore


Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order has given us another glimpse of what to expect in their upcoming city-building game, Cities Skylines, by releasing a trailer about the many different things you can do to give your city character, good and bad. The trailer, which you can watch below, has comedic elements from sewage waterfalls to parks located under bridges. And while it clearly labels the footage to be “In-Game Alpha Footage,” it definitely looks quite pretty and charming already. You’re not going to realistically get Call of Duty levels of graphics in a city-building game, but Cities Skylines already looks like it can give Sim City a run for its money.

Along with the trailer, Colossal Order has released its first development diary about the game. It’s a diary that largely talks about roads, but you would be surprised how interesting a post about road building tools in a city-building game can be. For those of you without the patience or the interest to read development diaries, I will sum up the gist of it.

Colossal Order realizes that the crux of any city-building game is the road building tool (just like how roads are to cities). Thus, they have given it a lot of thought. For one thing, the number of different types of road available is quite astonishing. From the differences between a small street, a one way road and a highway, there are also different variations of decorations on these roads as well as the option to build bus-stop parking bays on the sides of streets.

Also, to the relief of every obsessive compulsive city-building player out there, Colossal thinks they’ve figure out the way to get zoning efficiently to work. Their solution is to outline the zone-able land that will exist around the roads you build before you actually build them so that you can optimize more efficiently.

Also, now you will be able to decide if you want your cities to have right-hand side drive or left-hand side drive. The rest of the road-building mechanics is pretty standard city-building fare and if you would like to read more details about it, you can click here. It’s still quite early in the development of Cities Skylines, it looks to be a game worth keeping an eye on. Cities Skylines is currently planned for an early-to-mid 2015 release for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Are you looking forward to finding out more about Cities Skylines? Let us know in the comments below!

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