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No Man’s Sky – The best looking game you’ve never heard of

by William Schwartz

The trailer that you will see above is for No Man’s Sky. What is No Man’s Sky? Well, it is, in my opinion, the best looking game that you’ve probably never heard of. The game footage is all real-time capture, and only scratches the surface of what the game is promising.

It’s being developed by Hello Games (the people behind the Joe Danger series), a small indie games developer in Guildford, UK. Part of the intrigue surrounding No Man’s Sky is due to the fact that, currently, Hello Games is a four man team. Yes, that’s right; four people will be making this game. Take a couple of minutes to re-watch the trailer with that piece of information in your head. It’s mind-boggling, no?

Every planet you can see in your game can be flown to. Every planet in your game will be randomly generated and unique. Looking at the announcement trailer, the art style looks simplistic but eye-catching and vibrant. It seems like the team has a lot on it’s plate, especially as they were recently hit hard by flooding in their area. Hopefully this won’t impede progress on the game too much.

So, what are your opinions on No Man’s Sky? Leave a comment down below.


- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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