Attack of the Fanboy

PS Vita to Use Avatar Facial Recognition and Voice Chat

by William Schwartz


If you were wondering how the PS Vita was able to win the “Best Hardware” award at E3 amongst all of the hype that the Wii U generated, have a look at this video showing a Vita demonstration at the Game Tools & Middleware Forum 2011 in Tokyo. It further confirms that the Vita will be the most powerful handheld to date and will feature some of the most potent (and quite inventive) technology ever to be packed into a mobile gaming device.

The video displays a real-time video chat between two people using their avatars to communicate. The part that’s wildly original? The two are able to communicate entirely though their avatars, as the virtual counterparts pick-up and mimic even the subtlest of facial expressions such as winking. One would assume that this is all done and captured through the Vita’s front camera.

That $249 (Wi-Fi only version) launch price is looking more and more cost-effective. Check out the video below:

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