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Splinter Cell Fan Film Hits All The Right Notes

by William Schwartz


Splinter Cell news is few and far between with Ubisoft seemingly focused on Assassin’s Creed and other franchises, in and out of gaming. The Texas based Atomic Productions has taken it upon themselves to create a live-action fan film of the iconic stealth franchise.

Judging by the story in the eight-minute long short from Atomic Productions the story is of a young Sam Fisher, where Irving Lambert isn’t even Sam’s field runner. It puts Vernon Wilkes Sr. into that position that some fans might remember mentioned in the franchise. The action is budget, but the story and setting is top notch. This is what we could all hope for in a Splinter Cell live-action movie filled with espionage, stealth and action. The look at a young Sam Fisher is also intriguing in many other ways. Check it out below.

Atomic answered a few fans who wanted more with the following:

“And we’d love to make more. Just takes a fairly large chunk of money and time to create for a project done entirely out of passion and for the love of source material we can’t profit off of ourselves. The hope is that this short engages people and gets them excited for what there could be. Is it a bit of a tease? Certainly. But wouldn’t a half-hour SC short feel like a tease for an hour-long project? Or a hour-long project feel like a tease for a feature film?
Ultimately everyone wants the same thing we do in the backs of their minds- a big-budget, Hollywood-produced Splinter Cell feature film. Anything less than that, we’ve always known, is ALWAYS going to disappoint someone or some fan in SOME way. Best we can do is try to make cool stuff in the Sam Fisher world and still hope some people can enjoy it!”

Personally I could see this becoming a bit of a cult hit and following in Mortal Kombat: Legacy’s footsteps or even the more recent Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. A serialized entry of Sam Fisher stories could bode well and hopefully fans feel the same and are outspoken enough to warrant more.

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