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Leaked Battlefield 3 Videos Show Off Weapon Customization

by Ethan Powers on July 25, 2011

Our European friends over at YourGamingTeam probably violated their agreement contracts with DICE with the leaking of these Battlefield 3 alpha videos, but they’re doing so for our viewing pleasure. Doesn’t that make it okay? Putting aside one’s moral compass, these videos highlight some of the weapon customization you’ll be getting when Battlefield 3 ships this October. The videos clearly show that the game is not yet perfect and there are actually quite a few evident glitches that can be seen throughout. Still, BF3 is not even in its beta stage yet, so considering, the game is looking pretty darn good.

The first video displays the classes that will be present in the game and they are pretty similar to the one’s featured in Bad Company 2. You have your assault, engineer, support (the defibrillator paddles of which look very cool), and recon classes which all have their respective customizations. After your class is chosen, you can then select your primary and secondary weapon as well as their attachments, a couple of gadgets -similar to “equipment” in CoD, and a specialization for that class like “sprint boost” (think of the “perks” featured in CoD). I may often criticize the Call of Duty series for what I see as reiterations of the same game from year to year, but you can’t blame DICE for following a very similar customization replica. The system that Infinity Ward and Activision created with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was fantastic and directly inspired every online FPS that came after it. After all, DICE is trying to create a “CoD killer”, and it’ll probably be easier for CoD fans to play BF3 if they know they’ll be playing with a familiar customization scheme. Also, at 6:35 in the video, you can see the realistic grenades of BF3 in action and the subsequent environment destruction.

The second video does not greatly differ from the first, but it does show a bit more combat gameplay. At 2:30, you can see that the engineer’s ability to repair tanks featured in Bad Company 2 is back in full force. The demoer fires a rocket at a tank to damage it, gets to work repairing it, and then hops in. That just makes the subsequent destruction done with that tank so much rewarding.

Note: the videos below are still from the PC version. Sorry, console fans.

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  • Can’tWaitForBF3

    While I think this guy is amazing for showing off some of the customization like everyone else, I can’t stand him. His voice is annoying and all he’d doing is shooting the gun and jumping over ledges. If he’s gonna break his agrrement of not showing footage, he should at least do something worth my time.

    • marymary

      This game looks amazing.

  • poopstainmcgee

    Yeah, man, I agree. Did u notice how he like, dosnt know what hes talking about? “And i think this is a…zoom thingy for my gun..?” Like seriously? there are thousands of people who’d love to play this that actually know what theyre doing

  • poopstainmcgee

    what are you talking about?! crazy

  • Luke

    The guy who wrote this article clearly has no idea what he’s talking about. The medic class is no longer in the game. The 4 classes are assault, engineer, support, and recon. The specializations are nothing new, and have been in battlefield for a LONG time. Nothing stolen from cod to make new players more at home.

  • Anon

    True, the specializations for BF are not new. But you can see how DICE is trying to integrate a lot of the features that were introduced in MW that the BF games never had.

  • Gman

    First off, Ethan, the perks you speak of in COD has already been included in BF 2142, which came out way before COD4.

    Second, get your class names right.

    Third, the customization is nothing like COD, more like MOH 2010.

    Man I hate this new gamer generations, who are so misinformed that everything imitate COD.

  • Anon

    I would agree with you except that MW is what really made the system what we see in every FPS today. If you ask any FPS dev what game influenced their customization system, they’re going to say MW before BF 2142.

  • Ultimatum

    Anon, you are undeniably a complete idiot.

    You’re one of those people who make stupid comments like “Well the holographic sites were in Modern Warfare, so they stole it from CoD”.

    BF3 is going to have tons of optics and red dots, so MW is bound to already have some of those attachments.

    P.S. Who came up with the bi-pod attachment idea?

    Answer: DICE developers

  • Dude

    @anon what influenced a fps shooter dev? MW????

    They’d probably say something more like Doom, Wolfenstein, Quake, Goldeneye, and even Duke Nukem.

    Kids these days think Duty did it all and came before anything.

  • Ethan Powers

    It has been edited to include “support.” I mistakingly wrote “medic” which was an error as a result of trying to get the article out as quickly as possible. Thanks for the insight, though the way you’ve gone about it is completely wrong. First off, I realize 2142 came out before MW, and BF2 before that. However, I was referring to how MW popularized that system for consoles. 2142 was not available on consoles. That was the wrong choice of semantics on my part and again a result of rushing to get the news out. Second, making idiotic, generalized statements like “Man I hate this new gamer generations, who are so misinformed that everything imitate COD” is extremely immature. Try to appreciate the writers on this site that go out of their way to put the news out for your benefit, instead of acting like an ignorant moron. We like to interact with our readers here unlike other sites, but by making statements like that, you aren’t helping anybody.

  • xFishBowlx


    For once a game made the M16 a M16A4, wtf it actually is. For once! And they put the rails on, but why, why, why, why in the fuck is it automatic? WHY? Why would may most favorite game series of all time do this? For fuck sake. I know this game isn’t meant to be realistic but why this of all things?


    Driving the vechicle is really easy… its really smooth…. *CRASH*

  • Dude

    @ XFishBowlx I thought all m16s came with fire mode selector. Where you can switch from semi auto, 3 round burst, and full auto. I didn’t think the M16A4 did away with this??

    Most all FPS make there M16 a 3 round burst. Blops campaign M16 was a full auto which I enjoyed the switch

  • Gman

    I got to apologize, Ethan. It’s that it gets on my nerves sometimes that almost everybody, include game journalists, think that COD 4 starts it all, despite on consoles or not.

    It’s like saying every spy movie is originated/inspired from Mission Impossible when James Bond 007 done it years ahead.

    • Ethan Powers

      Not a problem man. Like I said, I really do appreciate the insight. It helps when readers are knowledgeable and correct us when wrong, especially when there are instances like this one when we’re competing with other sites to get articles published and don’t necessarily write as clearly as we’d like to. We all do our best, but it inevitably happens where mistakes are occasionally made. Again it was a wrong word choice of mine to say “created” because even if you go all the way back to BF 1942, DICE was already forming the beginnings of a class system there, so you’re right. It’s just a matter of correcting us respectfully.

  • xFishBowlx

    @Dude, I could be wrong, but I’m not going to go and Google this, but I believe the only automatic M16 was the first one used in Vietnam, and I think the M16A2 fixed its problems, and I believe that was still automatic, maybe for a short time. But the M16s have been burst, and semi only for a good 20+ years. As you can see when he reloads the M16 is has the fire selector switch above the trigger, its on semi as is, but I’m sure its always like that. But if you go to the right, you get burst, go to the left, its on safe. There are only two firing modes to choose from.

  • Dude

    Looks like the M16A4 and A2 are both semi and burst weapons and not full auto. Further research may be needed

  • Dude

    @ XFishBowlx well I just texted my brother, he’s in the army. He served a year in Afgan. I asked if he’s ever fired the M16A4 and about the firing modes.

    He said only semi auto and burst. He also so they do make it and they can cust. the trigger mech. very easy. I don’t quite know what he meant by “they do make it” I guess the military has M16A4 that are full auto depending on the role the weapon is going to carry out and the marine carrying it?

  • Roo Shooter

    No M16 is issued to standard military with a fully auto selection. It’s single fire or 3 round burst selection, and not one time in my service in the Marine Corps did I ever use the 3 burst selection unless we were just dicking around on the range. Special forces are a different story but you wont catch to many special ops operators using an M16 anyhow.

  • Dude

    @ Roo Shooter which M16 were u issued? Years of service? Recent or a while ago

  • Roo Shooter

    M16A2 before my M4. 4 years in the Infantry, 2004-2008. The military did away with fully automatic M16’s when they got rid of the M16A1(Vietnam era). Both the M16A2 and M16A4 are issued with a Safe-Semi-Burst selection system. It keeps idiots from wasting an entire mag and not actually hitting what they intended to shoot.

  • Dude

    @Roo Shooter thanks for the info man. I hope Dice would puts the word prototype beside it, if they do make it full auto or people are gonna freak. And we all know its not the throw back M16. Like in this pic from Vietnam. The guy on the right has an M16 between his leg. The guy on the left is on the M60 (my father)

  • Roo Shooter

    @Dude, Yeah, that is first generation M16A1, old school. Cool Pic though. Bet your dad saved a lot of guys with that M60. Make sure and thank him for his service for me. Vietnam guys got a bad image and deserved much better.

  • That one guy

    Its Sad that many of them fought a war they couldnt comprehend or even understand just to come back and get disrespected by alot of youth… they fought for thier country. they shouldnt be treated as such. see friends die. go through the horror

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