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Sony will be “playing catch-up” with the PS4

by Bill Hess on March 11, 2013


According to Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities, Microsoft is in prime position to win the next-generation with the Xbox 720.  The analyst made bold predictions for the console at SXSW in Austin, TX over the weekend.  Pachter’s PowerPoint presentation was leaked, and gave his views on the state of the gaming industry.

Pachter believes that Microsoft will “win the next generation”, claiming that the “TV Tuner” and “Skype” applications will be big for the next Xbox.  He doesn’t think Sony is down for the count by any means, he explained that “Sony thrives in the next generation”, but that Sony is “still playing catch-up”.  He also believes that Gaikai is huge for Sony and is an advantage for the company.

“Microsoft will win the next generation,” said Pachter at SXSW

With recent reports that Sony’s sales have rallied past Microsoft in a worldwide tally, we’re wondering who Sony is trying to catch up to when new consoles release.  It’s hard to imagine that it will be Nintendo this time around, but Sony surely has its work cut out for it in the North American market.

North America hasn’t been kind to Sony over the past few years.  Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has continued to dominate in the region, month-in and month-out, according to NPD sales data.

The analyst has been vocal about Nintendo’s missteps as of late, and his presentation didn’t let them off the hook.  He thinks Nintendo will face significant challenges because of their choices with the Wii U, and that their handheld business will continue to erode because of the continued growth of smart phones and tablets.

Microsoft has yet to even officially announce their next-gen hardware.  It’s assumed that the company will reveal the Xbox successor some time this spring.  Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be available this holiday season, and it could be a big decision for consumers if Microsoft plans to launch their console in the same window.

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  • Fuzzy

    Not to be a fanboy, but he’s basing his analasys of Sonys downfall on the XBoxs feature that us gamers will never even use.

  • Truth Be Told

    After all the false info Patcher has given us over the years, you would think he would’ve learned from making such bold statements. Will the next Xbox beat out Sony? I have no idea, I just won’t take Patcher’s word for anything.


    Sorry Sony fanbots. Looks like xbox is just going to keep winning.

    • RoadShow

      Yep, Xbox getting outsold despite an entire year headstart and millions of RROD re buys means it’s the best! oh wait…no it doesn’t.

      • Lol@all3n

        got proof of the millions of re-buys? I’m on my second ps3, my son is also on his 2nd….so can I say there are millions of re-buys too?

        • MARTY92

          then that goes for xbox too bro re-buys

        • Allen

          Did Microsoft come out the gates with a 3 year warranty on the 360? You don’t know anyone that has gone through 5 or even 6 or 7- 360’s already even after the warranty? Because I know several people that have.

          What doesn’t make sense is that 360 had 55% failures while PS3 has been within industry standard. So it doesn’t matter, by your logic 55% of all xbox gamers would be re-purchasing and 3% of PS3 gamers would be re-purchasing. So it wouldn’t be millions of PS3 rebuys.

          Do you want me to start saying that the slim 360’s RDOD (red dot of death), you can’t play the console for more than a couple of hours without it overheating and then a little red dot appears in the center instead of the red rings which were taken out?

          RROD – 55% Hardware failure

          YLOD – 3% hardware failure

          RDOD – too hard to tell but finally after 7 long years the 360 seems to be somewhere around 6% hardware failure.

        • PSuser

          The proof is in all the people who have stated that they have had to purchase multiple Xbox’s. Far less people on about the ps3 re-buys.

          Keep your console in a well ventilated area. Even the areas on tv cabinets are poor except for the more modern ones that have open ends on each side. Clean the dust from them and they will stay in good nick. Still have my PS3 from 2008, not once has it failed on me. Even after multiple long 12+ hour sessions during holidays. I play far less now working full time but it still works perfectly.

  • $25193756

    Get it through your heads professionals. Us GAMERS don’t care about that shit, all we care about is GAMES,.

  • RoadShow

    I love it when Patcher makes an ass of himself. I read this too but Xbox hasn’t even announced the next console yet and I don’t see what a TV tuner is going to do…don’t we all have a TV tuner on our TV’s?

    Also Skype is in the PS vita and PS3 already has free video chat (with use of eye toy) so I think he’s talking out of his ass.

    PS4 is in a great position because Sony is giving developers exactly what they want which in turn will be exactly what gamers want.

    Xbox does well in the US. Why? Because of what I’ve been saying for years upon years – Xbox won the online market by default with a 1 year head start as the only next gen console. 8 Million sales in the first year, that’s a few million people all with friends watching this next gen console and getting it once the PS3 came out at $600 and so they could play online with their friends. Snowball.

    Xbox will continue to do well only because of blind xbox fanboys that refuse to see the scams, lack of quality hardware, forced uprgrades and the fact that xbox costs the most, gives the least and has ugly aesthetics.

    i just don’t see how xbox will sell to anyone but those blind fanboys because it really does have nothing. We will see what they announce but so far we know that there aren’t very many 1st party exclusives or new ip’s coming (sure there are a few but meh) and we know for sure it’s going to be pay to play while the PS4 won’t be.

    Also if rumors are right then the PS4 not only has a faster processor but faster type of ram (both at 8gb).

    • Jason

      When your comment bashing microsoft give you the “See More” option… You might be a Playstation Fanboy! lol ;)

      • William

        That was pretty funny.

    • eAbyss

      I’m guessing your going to blindly buy the PS4.

      “the fact that Xbox costs the most”
      Since when was there a sub $200 PS3?

  • mathMaticks

    wow, a TV tuner, and Skype….. really? I’d rather have a system made for indie developers, and access to gaikai. Call me crazy, but when I buy a gaming system, I am only interested in the games.. not tv, or skype.

    most of my real life friends and family that currently have xbox, since launch are going to switch to ps4 this season launch.. my cousin is just bought his 3rd xbox last week, and he is def. over micro$oft.

  • strong

    They will definitely be playing catch up they lost allot of market share, i’m not sure about the Xbox 720 winning next gen when it hasn’t even been announced yet and Pachter is just all kinds of fails. NO IGNORANCE NEEDED :)

  • mathMaticks

    how do you play catch up, when you announce first?

    • eAbyss

      Announce what? Do you mean that nonexistent console they “announced.” I’ll bet that Microsoft won’t make the same mistake and will actually have something to show when they make their announcement.

  • PSuser

    Look this is the difference between the 2. Sony have announced a gaming console and it will be advertised primarily as a gaming console. Microsoft will announce a gaming console but will advertise it as a media device for your lounge room.

    Microsoft can throw all the TV/movie streaming, Skype and Kinect stuff in. But when I want a dedicated gaming console, that is what I buy. That is why I’ll buy a PS4 when it comes out. I have a TV, cable/paid TV, a laptop and a phone to do all the stuff they will advertise it can do. I like to multitask too, I like being on my laptop or phone talking to mates/girlfriend, reading news stories, video game rumors and such while I play a game. I don’t want 1 device that can do all that… but not at the same time (cross-game chat doesn’t count in this instance).

    I am excited by the PS4 and what it will bring, I am also rather enthused about developers reactions to the console, I’m interested to see how far they implement GaiKai into the service and I am freaking wetting myself over the games.

    If Microsoft truly wants to catch up to Sony (because that is how it is). They need to get more first party studios, build better relationships with developers, gain trust, focus on gaming and build a reliable console.

    But Microsoft is run by monkeys. Look at the complete 180 they did with Windows 8. They had what was probably their best OS with Windows 7 and then they completely ignored people who have normal computers/laptops and focused on tablets, touch-screens, phones and built a poorly accessible OS.

    Last up, Patcher is a retard. You have more chance of winning the lottery, getting hit by lightning or getting a guy pregnant than him correctly guessing what will happen. But you know what… This guy gets paid a lot of money to come up with ludicrous analysis’.

  • Bacon

    Whenever I leave my friends place,I look at his 360 and ask why the hell do they make that battery pack huge, smh

  • Bacon

    Xbox with TV Tuner and Skype!!?!?!? OMG A MUST HAVE SYSTEM!!!!!!!! Said…..(cricket sounds)…..(more cricket sounds)…..(to be continued)

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