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The core content in Black Ops II Revolution is great. The five new maps are all keepers, we just we could say the same about the extras. Black Ops II Revolution DLC February 1, 2013 4

Black Ops II: Revolution DLC Review

The Verdict on Black Ops II Revolution DLC
The core content in Black Ops II Revolution is great. The five new maps are all keepers, we just we could say the same about the extras.

Do you absolutely need map packs for Call of Duty: Black Ops II to keep playing? No, not really. Does it make the game better? In the case of Revolution, the first DLC expansion for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, yes, yes it does. The first map pack for Treyarch’s most recent offering arrived on Xbox 360 earlier this week, and the developers have gone back to what they do best. I’m not sure why they always save the good stuff for DLC, but Revolution taps into one of Treyarch’s best traits established in the Black Ops franchise, and that’s the incorporation of interactivity in the multiplayer maps.

After the original Black Ops and its year-long barrage of additional content, it seemed likely that some of the interactive elements found in these DLC maps would make it into the main game for Black Ops II. Unfortunately, it didn’t. On the brightside, there’s this new DLC, and some really imaginative uses of the environment once again. The four new maps for multiplayer are distinctly different from one another, and anything found in the vanilla Black Ops II release. There’s a skate park called “Grind”, a dam called “Hydro”, a sand-swept asian themed area called “Mirage” and a snow laden map called “Downhill”. While one of the major complaints from Call of Duty fans with Black Ops II was the lack of variety in multiplayer maps, Revolution definitely spices things up with each map having distinct new colorful characteristics and interactivity, which bring these new warzones to life.

black-ops-2-revolution-grind (2)

Here’s what we loved about Black Ops II: Revolution

New maps, New Life – We said earlier that you don’t necessarily need new maps to continue playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and you don’t. Regardless of if you pick up this latest Revolution map pack, or just continue to play the standalone multiplayer or zombies mode, Black Ops II is arguably the best shooter to arrive in 2012. But adding these four new maps into your multiplayer equation extends the life of this product immensely. Considering that Black Ops II shipped with 14 multiplayer maps, not counting Nuketown, adding four new ones to the list gives a nice change change of scenery for this online war.

Maps come alive – Scenery isn’t the only thing that’s changing in Revolution though. When Treyarch began releasing map packs for the original Black Ops, they introduced some cool elements to multiplayer with interactivity in some of the maps. One had an auto-turret that would gun you down if you crossed into a certain zone, there were collapsible bridges, and different elements were introduced in each successive map pack. This appears to be a focal point once again from Treyarch. Downhill takes place in a ski resort, complete with Gondolas of death that will mow you down if you get in their way, and Hydro features a flood that will drown poor souls that are trapped within the maps danger zone. These interactive elements make for not only cool eye candy, but strategical opportunities as well.

The Zombies that we know and love – Response has been mixed to Treyarch’s open world take on their cooperative Zombies mode. While it’s not lacking in innovation and change, some say they’ve deviated too far from the traditional mode in some ways. Die Rise is the first zombie DLC offering, and while its a completely new experience, it feels more like the old modes than Green Run does. It does introduce vertical gameplay for the first time, with the survivors making their way from the top of a towering building descending into harder and harder areas, scavenging weapons, powerups, and parts to make new weapons. This use of the vertical map type isn’t as wide open as its predecessors, but it’s as tall as others were wide and can feel almost claustrophobic at times. It’s disarray is disorienting, and that makes for one of Treyarch’s best Zombie maps yet.


Here’s what we hated about Black Ops II: Revolution

The Revolution Playlist – While it’s nice that DLC players get a playlist all to themselves to try out the new map packs, years later, Activision has yet to find a way to please all Call of Duty fans when new DLC arrives. If you purchase the new content and want to play a specific game mode, you’re pretty much out of luck. The Revolution Playlist only features Core game modes: Team Deathmatch, Domination, and a Grab Bag of the more popular modes are included in the playlist. They cover all the bases in the Core modes, but leave Hardcore players out to dry, and have been doing so for years.

The Peacekeeper SMG – Black Ops II: Revolution is the first downloadable content to arrive with Weapon DLC. You can’t blame them for not doing this sooner, it could drastically alter the balance of multiplayer if not done right. Well, it would if they actually added a meaningful weapon. The Peacekeeper SMG is mid-range weapon that really doesn’t feel like it has a place on the SMG roster. It’s a pretty balanced weapon among others in the class, which means it’s stats are middling. You can find a gun with better specs in every category in the SMG class, and it feels like little more than an MSMC with slightly better range and a paint job.

Turned Off– The new zombies mode in Revolution should really be a game changer, but it’s not. Turned allows you to play as a zombie for the first time in Call of Duty, and this fast paced mode has a lot of promise. It’s a variation of the “Gun Game” with players turning into zombies as they are killed. With each successive zombie kill, the human player gets a more powerful weapon. It’s actually a very cool premise, but it gets stale pretty quickly due to there only being one map. It’s also only a four player game, but despite the lack of players, the action is fast and chaotic. It’ll be interesting to see if Treyarch makes other maps available for this mode, or if this was a one off trial to see if the community has any interest.

The Verdict: As we’ve said in so many of our reviews for Call of Duty DLC in the past, the value of this map pack depends on how much you like playing Call of Duty. Revolution isn’t going to make you a believer if you don’t already enjoy the multiplayer component, but the variety in maps might be the refreshing change of pace to bring you back on board if you’ve recently put down the game. The new Zombies map is a classic in my opinion, and really plays the tension card well. This DLC has some extras like a new zombies mode called Turned and a new weapon that adds to the arsenal, but neither of these feel very meaningful at the moment. The core content is great, and will continue to keep Call of Duty fresh until the next map pack arrives later this year.

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  • Adam Tenenbaum

    Nice review; I’m a bit disappointed that the “be a zombie” mode is restricted to the Diner map, but maybe we’ll see it opening up in future patches / additional DLC releases. Hope to win a season pass so that I can find out! ;-)

  • Ashley I Benzo

    Firing Range, just amazing all around.

    • William

      There have been so many, I forgot about Firing Range. Good Times on that map.

      • Taco Bob

        The Best of times, I got my first 100+ kill game on CTF firing Range.

  • Bendergamer91

    I really love Crash from MW2 it’s the map I always used to play on :)

  • Death31133

    My favorite map would be Overgrown. There are just so many great memories from this map from both COD4 and MW2.

  • JPK

    I like that one map where the dudes are shooting each other and stuff


    Caspian Border

  • Lawrence Jackson

    My favorite map ever was DOME on World at War. Crazy small and chaotic just like I like my women.

  • DaxterJack

    My Favorite map would be Quarry just loved running around killing people with my AA-12.

  • Bon

    My favorite maps are vacant and crash but the CoD 4 version since that’s my favorite CoD to date. Just loved running around with either shooties and having a good time. Dat Deagle =)

  • Tanks

    Has anyone said Gulf of Oman yet? I really like that one. Best Shooter map ever. Oh we’re talking COD only you say? Never played it, don’t need to.

    • M.

      This is the most pointless comment I think i have ever read

  • Guest

    Season Pass give away only for xbox? My Fav COD map was Firing Range, I dont know why but I Love that map. Best Shooter Map of all time……….GULF OF FUCKIN OMAN FTW.

  • Taco Bob

    Season Pass give away only for xbox? My Fav COD map was Firing Range, I dont know why but I Love that map. Best Shooter Map of all time……….GULF OF FUCKIN OMAN FTW.

  • rogannn

    I really liked Rust off MW2, but not with too many people, just to play with small teams. It was perfect for split-screen, too.

  • WHOamI

    my favorite call of duty map has to be nuketown. Its really fast paced and theres less camping on the map because of its size

  • Michael

    Terminal from MW2 (not MW3!) was a fantastic and colorful map to play on! The spawns weren’t terrible and the map could be played on either side without being spawn trapped! I just wish you could fly the plane!

  • ilRadd

    I allways liked Downpour – I just really like narrow maps plus I love the rain!

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    There are too many great cod maps . I love firing range and terminal as well as ascension for zombie marathons.


    Look at all these leaches who only comment for free stuff. GTFO.

  • JD

    Terminal on modern warfare 2. To this day it’s still my favorite map 90% of time I kicked mucho ass on the map

  • Mike

    I always liked sub pens in world at war, it was a perfect balance with medium to short range in the corridors and across the water way.

  • Bobby Young


    First i want to say Thank you for the Great chance to win Black Ops 2 season pass.I really appreciate it.My favorite Call of Duty map of all time was Nuketown(2025).Because Nuketown is unique,May be the most loved and played map of all time.The small map,no one camp(or very few people:) In Nuketown you got very intense gameplay and you can make unforgettable games.And the last but not least Nuketown Zombies, one of my favorite zombie maps.Good luck to everyone and me

  • smikey1123

    First off, nice review. My favorite map has been the original Nuketown, though 2025 is pretty fun as well. I am a fan of the frantic, fast paced modes and this small, confined map provides the perfect place to run a match of FFA or domination. Between the high sight lines and the almost linear paths this map is perfect for me.

  • Christopher

    My favorite call of duty dlc map of all time has to be Nightfire from World at War. The map has great architectural design and has the feeling of being in the war torn streets during WWII. It has great corners and points of elevation for sniping. It is a good and fast paced map!!

  • Garrett

    Terminal on MW2!

  • liljrSanchez

    I really enjoyed Terminal

  • Raheel Khurshid

    Nuke town because it’s too small so extreme hyped game is expected

  • Joram Malfroy

    Crash from COD4 was for me the best map, good memories

  • Brian Lepak

    Ascension, that’s where I got my highest killing spree ever 29 kills, no deaths.

  • Ryan

    It has to be Die Rise, offers quick action and the lifts offer a quick escape route at the final second.

  • Tony Hightower

    Definitely Terminal on MW2. Hunting for Boosters on the Tarmac…ahhhh, such memories

  • LapnLook

    Highrise from MW2 because it was a great S&D map. Every gun class was able to do well on this map.

  • Connor

    My favourite Call of Duty map would probably have to be Der Riese (from World at War). It added so much more to the zombies game mode with teleporters and the Pack-A-Punch machine. In combination with all of the sodas and a large area, Der Riese was the sweet spot for zombies. My friends and I spent weeks playing that map. Good times.

  • Eric

    My favorite Call of Duty map would have to honestly be Summit from Black Ops. I’ve always loved snow maps and Summit is no exception. It was an excellent place for Demolition and Team Deathmatch games with a lot of ways to do well. Plus the ability to get into the gondola was awesome as well.

  • swipeshot

    favourite map of all time? i’d ave to go with Crash (CoD4). played the crap outta that map and still do from time to time when i’m on the road. thanks for the review of Revolution! definitely makes me want it so much more.

  • Eric

    When are the winners for the Season Pass supposed to be revealed?

    • William

      There can only be one winner, and they’ve already been awarded their code for the Season Pass. Stay tuned though, we’re giving away a couple copies of Dead Space 3 this week.

      • Eric

        OK thanks. I just didn’t know exactly when a winner would be revealed. I just signed up for the hell of it after finding this site looking for reviews of the map pack. I actually quite like the site after finding it!

  • Bumbles

    Afgan in MW2 was one of my favorites due to the diversity in one map (lets pretend that rock glitch never happened). The central point of the caves, the makeshift hideout in the hills, the hills themselves… It was a very well made map and there hasn’t been a CoD map since that captures that. As for th DLC I am meh with it. I would rather them focus on making maps for base multiplayer and not worrying so much about zombies. Hell, I would settle for a classic BO1 map instead. I would love to play on Firing Range with the MMS scanner.

  • die rise killah

    COD black ops 2 should be game of the year!!!

  • Ian Beltran

    my favorite dlc map so far is berlin wall from BO1 because of the feel how nazis were there and i still think they are when i play it

    • Ian Beltran

      it gives me the feel of world at war when i play it

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