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Medal of Honor Warfighter seems content to keep up with the competition instead of offering anything new. A short campaign isn't as gripping as the original, and multiplayer mileage may vary. Medal of Honor Warfighter October 23, 2012 2.5

Medal of Honor Warfighter Review

The Verdict on Medal of Honor Warfighter
Medal of Honor Warfighter seems content to keep up with the competition instead of offering anything new. A short campaign isn't as gripping as the original, and multiplayer mileage may vary.

The return of the Medal of Honor franchise in 2010 was EA’s initial assault on the Call of Duty series. The reboot was a strange game because fans weren’t praising its multiplayer, but its single player story instead. It told a believable and authentic sounding story about soldiers in a war that was currently broiling overseas. It was topical, and felt authentic enough to put great distance between itself and the fictional Modern Warfare timeline from Activision. New EA studio Danger Close called on DICE for the multiplayer, but it was a so-so experience at best. Two years have passed, and Danger Close is still fighting the war against Activision, Medal of Honor: Warfighter again has an authentic story-line inspired by real-life events, and a multiplayer suite that has seen an overhaul while shedding the influence of Digital Illusions.

Unfortunately, Danger Close has apparently figured out that single player isn’t what sells military shooters these days. It’s the all-important multiplayer component that brings in fans on a day-in day-out basis, sells map packs, and keeps fans engaged. That said, Danger Close has all but abandoned the single player portion of their game for multiplayer, which rides a fine line between other popular games like Battlefield and Call of Duty, while doing nothing exceptionally well to differentiate itself from this crowd.

There are more ways to breach and clear a room of enemies in Medal of Honor: Warfighter than every Call of Duty game released this generation. That’s a rough estimate, but likely accurate, and telling of the monotony found in Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s single player experience. Despite putting together an impressive presentation and graphical package, Warfighter doesn’t live up to its predecessor’s lofty standards. Where Medal of Honor 2010 delivered a perspective that took the fight to the ground, Warfighter has a more Spec-Ops feel to it. These ops contain much of what is found in other military shooters, and it does nearly nothing to distinguish itself from any other single player shooter that has arrived over the past few years. Playing it safe is not something that was expected after 2010’s exceptional effort from Danger Close, the good thing is that the single player portion of the game only lasts around 5 hours.

Despite being based loosely around real-life events, Medal of Honor: Warfighter consistently feels like you’ve been there and done that. You’ll raid terrorist training facilities, infiltrate a compound under the cover of night to take out a terrorist leader, and snipe pirates who’ve taken hostages on the open water, these events all ripped straight from the headlines and relayed by Tier 1 Operators according to Danger Close. These set pieces aren’t what make the single player experience lack-luster, it’s just about everything in-between instead. The breach and clear mechanic is overused to the point of having its own progression system, where collecting headshots open new and exciting ways to open doors. A cool way to spice up the breach and clear mechanic undoubtedly, but unlocking and using the new methods has very little practical use, as kicking in a door gets the job done just as well as the top-tier explosives. Once these doors are open, most of Warfighter’s gameplay devolves into shooting gallery affairs, in environments that range from urban to the remote. Unfortunately these shooting galleries come complete with friendly AI constantly pushing you into the line of fire, and enemies that have similar AI quirks.

At times it feels like Danger Close was on the right path with the single player experience in Medal of Honor: Warfighter, but this portion of the game feels like they ran out of ideas before its completion. Calling on teammates for ammunition refills is one thing that eliminates the traditional cache finding and enemy looting mechanics that most games use. More expansive driving sequences that task the player with doing much more than just escaping a dangerous scenario, is also a high-point of the campaign. Expanding on the peek and lean mechanics, Warfighter does also allow players to use cover more effectively than other shooters, but these subtle differences are not enough to really make Warfighter a standout in the single player arena. This Medal of Honor could be a disappointment for those that are expecting a similar experience to the previous game, where its predecessor stood out in a crowd, this game seems content to blend in with the competition in most of its mechanics.

Warfighter does once again try to stand out though in its story telling. It takes a much different and personal approach to the relay of its narrative, giving players a glimpse into the emotional struggle that soldiers and their families must endure to take on such endeavors as fighting terrorism while facing the threat of death at every corner. It’s a small piece of the narrative puzzle, one that is tactfully danced around for the entirety of the campaign. It’s somewhat thought provoking, and could have been expanded on greatly, but instead is an afterthought wrapped into a handful of short cut-scenes for the game. Not quite as effective as the storytelling tools used in the previous game, Warfighter was a considerable letdown for this fan that enjoyed the first game immensely.

Though it’s obvious that the single player experience did receive its fair share of attention in the development process, multiplayer in Warfighter has been changed considerably for the better. Leaving DICE behind, Danger Close has put together a compelling multiplayer experience with a ton of customization, online functionality, and gameplay formula tweaks that differentiate this game from its competition somewhat.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer falls somewhere between the run and gun sensibilities of Call of Duty, and the tactical squad based gameplay of Battlefield. With its Fireteams feature, Warfighter is definitely more focused towards the cooperative online experience. Working with a teammate to take down the opposition is of the utmost importance, and the entire online experience is built around this premise. Pairing up with a partner allows for some significant advantages, and as proven in DICE’s Battlefield series, can be a rewarding online experience when parties are cooperating. Spawning on your Fireteam is an integral part of Warfighter, which allows teams to hold down strategic locations, so long as one member of a team is alive and not in imminent danger.

This Fireteam system of teams, made up of up to 20 people paired off into two man groups, plays out over the games many modes. These traditional game modes like Team Deathmatch, Sector Control, and Capture the Flag are all variations of tried and true game types. An over-arching class-specific support system will allows players to call in support actions for their team as well, and rivals the Call of Duty Kill Streak system very closely. Depending on character class selection these are wide-ranging and varied and suit each individual character.

Broken into six classes, each with their own strengths and weakness, Warfighter gives players one class ability out of the gate. Demolitions experts carry body armor, Snipers can go into Recon Mode, Assault class is given a grenade launcher, the Heavy Gunner can mount his weapon, the Point Man gets high-powered ammunition, and the Spec Ops unit can scan the battlefield for enemy signatures. Depending on the class, each class ability can be used at least once in each life, and sometimes more. Fireteams can consists of any combination of the classes, which are further differentiated by their support actions, which unlocks two options at each level reached. These support options are tide turning perks that range from ammunition drops, to attack helicopters and a range of perks in-between. Each of these character classes can also be customized with your country of choice, once unlocked, as well as outfitted with a wide range of unlockable weapons, and weapon skins. These unlockables play a large part in the game’s customization features, which could keep you playing multiplayer in Medal of Honor: Warfighter for quite some time. Weapons customization is deep, but its worth noting that it offers very little in-game benefit other than the aesthetic.

Danger Close has taken another step closer to complete Battlelog integration in Warfighter. The Battlelog player card and social hub are more neatly integrated into this game than in Battlefield 3, and the presence of EA’s Origin Service is constantly felt during the online experience. Whether that be from the sharing of accomplishments of friends, or the reminders that arrive when Platoon members come online and are ready to party up. Gathering friends and launching an online game is a breeze with this integration. Platoons can be assembled, fireteam slots can be locked and loaded before heading out to the online war. Possibly better done than in any shooter before it, Warfighter exceeds expectations in this online connectivity front, and the integration of the free Battlelog service.

Now whether players will take advantage of all these bells and whistles is another story. The online is compelling, the gameplay is solid, and there are a ton of modes and unlockables to experiment with. However, with only 8 multiplayer maps on the disc, this could stale pretty quickly. How strong the community will be after the arrival of Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 is yet to be seen, but an unannounced yet expected slate of DLC should liven things up for the shooter, and expand the game for those that stick with it.

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  • Soap McTavish

    Waste of $$$.

  • corvo

    i seriously dont get it ?

    we play COD every freaking year , its the same old shit ? yet it gets 9s

    BF 3 comes out new frostbite,

    they release moh warfighter same sort ? SO WHAT .

    and i would never buy FPS just for its single player .

    • Frank

      It’s because CoD is fun. Gameplay wise, the feel of the game, its perfect. Not to say it doesn’t lack innovation, balance, and ambition. But CoDs gameplay is perfect, hence why they don’t drastically change anything. Hopefully black ops 2 reenergizes the franchise for those who weren’t too fond of anything after CoD 4.

      • DarthDiggler

        Fun is an opinion and the NetCode on Call of Duty is flat out terrible. Any game where it is possible to run through someones bullets and knife someone is a complete failure of development.

        So as someone who gave up on Call of Duty after BlackOps I found MOH WarFighter to be a lot of fun and I wasn’t constant cussing at the game because of the lack of polish in the netcode department.

        Why don’t you just review Black Ops II now, it seems like you are ready to give it all 9s and 10s. Get it over with and show everyone your true love. :)

        • Allen

          Thank you, I 100% agree. MOH is pretty bad ass and is by far a better choice than the old same old crap COD series. Each and every year, with almost no improvements. Of course BF3 is my true love.

          • Brevs

            Yet BF3 isnt as much of an innovation gameplay wise. The gameplay is the same as BF2. The graphics and physics changed of course. But, the same redundant gameplay(just as cod) and the same BF nerds raging about how bad cod is.

          • Frank

            Why change what’s been successful? There’s a reason it sells as much as it does, because its a SOLID title. It def lacks polish and some balance, but I those issues were to be sorted out, there would be no hatred towards CoD. There’s a reason why they had to reboot MoH. Cause it got stale. They failed to evolve like CoD an BF have. Most people that I see hate on CoD are awful at it, so I really don’t think it’s crazy to think that there’s no correlation between the two. Again, CoD has its annoyances, but to claim its flat out terrible is idiotic. Does it need change? Yes? In terms of gameplay and the FEEL of the game? No. People complain about it running on an old engine, were at the end I the console cycle. Why release one for modern consoles when new consoles are a year or two away. Wasn’t that one of te reasons BF3 wasn’t as beloved on consoles as it was on PC? Lacking in graphics and gameplay?

          • Frank

            And how is it that no ones even mentioning that HUGE day 1 patch? Seems pretty clear that most of y’all are saying you’ve played it when you really haven’t. If Activision were to pull that with CoD, you guys would be bitching and moaning about it. But cause its a non-CoD game, who cares right?! Remember when Homefront was supposed to be “the next big thing”? Fail. This game is awful hence there are only 2, TWO reviews 4 days into its release. Not a good sign!!!

        • Frank

          I mean, people hate CoD so much they make ridiculous claims saying this is the best single player game ever as shown below. CMONNNN now. Lets get real with ourselves.

          • Brevs

            because CoD does have a great singleplayer story line.. I dont find that ridiculous at all….

        • Frank

          No lack of polish yet the games been getting straight 5 out if 10s. LOL So it’s just a polished turd.

  • mike

    I would have run out and bought this if the review of the single player wasn’t so poor. Does anyone know if there is a player mod on the PC version? That would at least let the players do their job for them. If anyone knows, please hit me up with the 411 …

    • mike

      Battlefield 3 single player … Never Forget!

      • Allen

        Still haven’t even bothered

  • Vaughn

    MOH is the best war shooter to date the reviews are just trying to amp up the hype for black ops 2 the graphics in this game are unbelievable the lighting the sound the environments are astonishing the game play is flawless there is nothing not too like about t his game and as far as the emotions go medal of honor war fighter is very emotional you dont just see the soldiers as war you see them struggling with there own lives relationships kids etc don’t listen to the reviews or you will be missing out one of the greatest 1st person shooters of all time

    • Sam

      This is a terrible review. I totally agree with Vaughn. Absolute the best game I have ever played. The dialogue, the cut scenes, the gameplay, graphics and sound, story telling, soundtrack: All BEAUTIFUL.
      I think you can only be so critical. Two Special Operators wrote this script for the SP and dozens helped develop the game. If there was anyone to bring fresh, realistic ideas to gameplay, it would be them. I believe gameplay in FPS is getting to the point where (at least in MoH) there is little difference between the gameplay and what actually takes place on the battlefield. The only difference, in my mind of course, is obviously confidential information on how exactly these guys will perform tactics, e.g. breach a room

      I felt the enemy AI was superb, they flushed me out of cover with grenades and flanking like no other FPS. They themselves would not stay in the same spot and rarely popped out in the same fashion and direction twice.
      The driving sequences were absolutely amazing. The gun play was phenomenal. Just a damn good game. It definitely delivered emotionally as (SPOILER) ***you lose Mother, the DevGru team leader and longtime friend of Preacher, Voodoo, Rabbit and Dusty***. Definitely hits home as does the ending.

      Now I’m onto MP which I’m sure won’t disappoint.

      And I am by no means a fan boy, first MoH I played was 2010 reboot. I just appreciate the attention to detail and hard work that went into this game. Also very appreciative of all the Special Operators that worked with Danger Close on this game to promote authenticity and to write they story. They stare down evil everyday so we have the liberty and peace of mind to carry on with our lives.

    • Jaymanb73

      Yes I agree this games 2 player team based concept on multiplayer kicks @ssss!

    • Frank

      So why have other games gotten good reviews? You guys sound like idiots with your conspiracy theories. Dishonored and XCOM have been critically acclaimed a month before Black Ops 2. Assassins Creed 3 is gonna get amazing, if not better reviews than all of the games I’ve mentioned, so why is it that reviewers decide to pick on a poor little publisher worth BILLIONS in EA? You’re a clown suffering from buyers remorse. You know the game is awful, so you need to justify spending $60 by making an outrageous claim that it’s the best war FPS out there even though its been getting HORRIBLE reviews. Stop kidding yourself dude, it’s ok. We all buy a bad game due to poor judgement in a while. If it makes you feel any better, I bought The Godfather II the day it came out! See, now admit that this game is garbage, or that you have a terrible taste in video games. Or that you buy 2 games a year.

    • Frank

      Yup, so when Assassins creed 3 and Halo 4 get 9’s & 10’s then what? If all they wanna do is hype black ops, why would they give those games 9s & 10s? Idiot.

  • paps

    “Medal of Honor: Warfighter is cradled comfortably somewhere between Call of Duty and Battlefield 3. Seemingly content to take as little risk as possible, and thereby offering little excitement outside of the aesthetic.” Yes.. sounds like my kinda game >:}

  • dag

    this is so stupid, blackops 2 will come out and they wont say shit about there campaign or how the gameplay is exactly the same as mw3….

    • Matt

      their* campaign but yes I agree with you! :-)


      Except that Blops 2 actually looks interesting and somewhat new. From what I can see, warfighter seems like a lazy regurgitation on the same level of mw3.

  • alex

    its awful. the multiplayer is horrid compared to bf3 or the last MOH that was produced by dice. danger close dropped the ball….and i was really excited about this game.

    the maps are tiny and feel like I’m playing doom. the graphics ARE NOT very good….I installed the HD content and shadows look awful, textures look blurry etc…. lame. even the textures on the uniforms look terrible. AND ITS camo, its supposed to look odd…instead its just blurry.

    i hate the ‘kill cam’ effect where is slows down and takes forever. not to mention how awful it looks when you can see bullets coming out of your killers gun at 90 degree angles.

    the last MOH has a great multiplayer. this one sucks.

    where are all of the frostbite 2 engine benefits???? the dynamic lighting, destructible environments. you should be able to get to anywhere that physics permits….if there is a 4 foot boulder and you would like to climb on it to snipe….nope. its just off limits. thanks Danger close…thats realistic.

    how about the silent planes and helicopters that fly by… thats a nice feature.

    the menus are a cluster f. its horribly confusing. I’m not getting used to it.

    oh, shoot the water….. the same pre rendered animation plays if you shoot a puddle or if you shoot 2 miles out into the ocean. dumb.

    I would take this turd back if they would give me my 60 dollars back….but I’m not going to give anyone the satisfaction of offering me 4.99 for it. so it will sit on my shelf and collect dust…. also dumb.

    damn. i had high hopes.

    • Raymond

      Dude… the last MOH (2010) was made by Danger Close, as well.

      • J5Alive

        MoH 2010 = Multiplayer by DICE

        MoH: WF = Multiplayer by Danger Close.

        It’s mentioned in the review.

        • jason

          This is true, but Danger Close still had the “say so” in 2010 but DICE Built it, that’s like when people say “MOH:2010 sucked because of DICE and they didn’t put enough guns and had small maps, and no destruction!” I just laugh and say “Look at BATTLEFIELD, if DICE could make the Multiplayer HOWEVER they wanted to, then it would have been allot better!” MOH:2010 wasn’t bad, but Lacking allot. Truth is, that Dangerclose wont be as good as DICE with Frostbite 2, because DICE built it and knows how to code it better, and you can tell the difference!

  • The Gank

    That guy Sam who posted above is either smoking crack or is a member of the development team at Danger Close,There is nothing in this game you have not played or seen before,the campaign lasts about 4 hours and is uninspired drivel,”BEST SINGLE PLAYER I HAVE PLAYED BY FAR” ridiculous statement,what have you played? like two games on the Virtual Boy before this? do yourself a favour and rent it if you must play it but i assure you that you will be sickened if you drop 60 on this.

    • Frank

      LMFAO Seriously. Dude must by one sports game a year to make that claim. Obviously hasn’t played XCOM, Bioshock, GTA, Saints Row, Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, Skyrim, Dishonored an TONS of others to say this is the best single player game ever. Dudes an idiot.

    • Frank



    It doesn’t look like anything interesting but I haven’t played it so I wont judge

  • Danny

    another title from greedy EA, last year they came out with BF3 and made us drop $100 for it (but it was worth it), now they come out with this half-baked title (there’s already a huge patch out), just so they could release it before black ops 2. and on top of that those who pre-order MOH gets exclusive access to BF4 beta, yea right, like there’ll be no other way to get it. and a desperate way to make sales, those who buy/bought bf3 premium gets 50% off on MoH, but no thanks EA, I’ll keep my $30 .

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Lol all ea shooters suck just stop and stick to sports games

  • Mike

    I must say this is terrible game I am disappointed by fair, 60$ down the drain might sell it on eBay and put money down for bf3 or cod

    • jonny

      be quiet

  • jonny

    Dont listen to the COD fanboys, and EA haters.
    This is one unbelievable, incredibly awesome FPS.

  • Chris bless

    The breach and clear seems over done because in real life it is over done. From.the gate the developers were saying they were going for authenticity.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Only people who say this game is good are the ones who suck at call of duty 100% promise


    halo 4 is gonna be good :)

  • njb

    ppl need to chil.

    You dont have to buy MoH WF, no one is forcing you to buy it. Sounds like this new Moh is trying to fill a niche in the fps market.

    its actually nice to see a game that is not doin the same as every other fps. its not tryin to be a cod clone, its doin things its own way.

    And quite a few FPS games have good single player campaigns and stories. its just the new” generation” only care bout online, killstreaks, over powered guns and talkin crap on the headset cause they think their a “bad man”.

    go play some Doom, halo, killzone, resistance, quake, the old Moh & Cod games. Halflife, brothers in arms, Rainbow six, timesplitters, Goldeneye on the N64. Their are too mnay to list.

  • njb

    Plus how can you suck at Cod?

    Its a run an gun game with a very easy learning curve, you might have a bad game or two but i hardly consider it a competitive and skill based game. Thats not a bad thing. its supposed to be pick up an play. ive never had a tense moment in a match. You respawn and its forgiving.

    Socom or CounterStrike or MGO are what id consider Very skill based. Their not for everyone, thats why their good.

    • Allen

      Luck is all you need to succeed at COD. That and a finger that never stops holding the up button because you never stop running, fking stupidest game I’ve ever played. Except zombies but even that is stupid. friends always want to do the easter egg, sitting there for hours just trying not to kill the last zombie.

  • Gem

    Well is it great or crap, please be honest.?

  • wqihqw-fihq

    This is a shitty review. Not very well-written and doesn’t compare the game enough to MoH 2010. No specifics about gameplay other than “nothing new.” What about the guns, how they fire, the AI, the level design in the single player, the vehicle portions, the pacing, the story, the presentation? This is just jumbled up garbage of a review.

    • Jaymanb73

      Ya this game is actually good and the guns are similar to battlefield 3 and you can customize them. The games main focus is on 2 players and how they work together to beat the opposition. Battlefield 3 and bad company 2 have 4 player teams so this is definately a game I have been waiting for.

  • kidvegas41

    Don’t flush your money down the toilet , THE Worst Multiplayer Game Ever Made and i’m no cod fanboy


    The thing that was good about MOH2010 was the tie in to rela life events. now that it’s all fictional Ive lost all interest

    • Allen

      All the conservatives are who you can thank for that.

  • shmackdaddy

    uh haha this game is stupid lol ha im n idiot ha i suk i have no skills

  • SGT HairyKnuckles

    Im a war hero im ranked #10 FlashPoint dragon raisin co-op player . This game suks ass i have no friends no 1 likes me wy?

  • FlopStation 3

    I want to see a game that is a PR simulator. In it, you take on the authentic role of an EA spokesperson and attempt to polish, what is by most definitions, a stinking pile of shit.

  • GUGU


    • Jaymanb73

      Your crazy this game rocks ! Black ops 2 looks exactly like the first black ops game just facelifted to look modern same guns samegameplay same old same old. The 2 player team concept is awesome on multiplayer.

  • kidvegas41

    amen! gugu

  • Gem

    lmfao, its either Warfighter or COD(SSDD), i chose Warfighter, Thats right Sgt Hairypussy, you have no friends,& Shmackshimself is a cry baby, I am #1 in Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising, Annihilation & Global, but OFP is of no more, so either sit on your ass & twiddle your thumbs, or chance it & buy a war game that may be fun,your choice!!! GEMHUNTER

    • Frank

      Congrats! You’re #1 in the world in a game 10 people bought. Tell us how good you are at 007 legends too. We’re all interested.

  • Jaymanb73

    I have Medal of Honor Warfighter and I love it. Granted it has some release bugs but otherwise love the 2 player team based gameplay for multiplayer hard but alot of fun. The reviews for this game are horrible but are pretty far off(i only play multiplayer not the story).Yes the menu’s are clunky at first but once you play a couple of hours its a non issue. The voice chat I’m still trying to figuire out the channel system but it does work. The 2 player team concept is the bread and butter here on mulitplayer and it is great. The weapons there are a ton. Maps are good and reach back to older MOH games with the same feel as games like moh airborne. The first Moh reboot was good but this new warfighter brings it up a notch.If you have patience and like a challenge then this game is for you. You ask me there is nothing like this game with focus on 2 player team gameplay on multiplayer. COD is just repeating the blue print and there counting on people being dumb andbuying it over and over. I stopped at mw2 and black ops. MOH Warfighter is a far better buy and offers something different which i appreciate and you will to. This game needs a patch but thats to be expected on a new release.

  • Wikit

    I enjoy CoD and the last MoH but this is by far the worst FPS I have ever played. The multiplayer is just horrible, when you kill an enemy you glow red and can be seen through walls…how is that realistic? I like to snipe but when I fire a round into an enemies chest and they just keep on trucking towards me taking me out with MP7 from 100 yds away….come on. Like to see someone take a .50 cal round in the chest and keep going, really?!? It just feels all over the place and I kept playing hoping it get better but it did not, it got worse. EA really should just stop, I had such high hopes for this load of cow dung.

    I know Im just a CoD fan boy….but I’m not, I love FPS and money and this game helped with either.

  • Jimmy

    Maybe you should aim for a headshot if you want an instant kill.

  • sam0214

    I was expecting more, and at first was pretty disappointed. But after a couple minutes it really started to wow me. I live the multiplayer a lot. Two man team play is sick, you can play hardcore from the server browser btw
    And it is so much better. No red glowing outlines.
    And to the guy who said you shoot a guy with a sniper in the chest, I hate it to cause of the reloadig, but in all honesty, if the bullet doesn’t kill someone on impact, there’s a %95 chance of servival, or they will bleed out. I’ve heard from my cousin who was in Iraq for two tours that they’d plug someone with 8 rounds, they’d get up and still fire till their bodies couldn’t take it.
    I recommend you rent it, but it was way worth my money!


    Im waiting until the price drops and the game is bundled with dlc to buy

  • phootsoldier from ps3

    dont like colors of soldiers uniform .. im soooo gay hihi

  • Jalen

    I agree that Medal of Honor is badass and it puts you into real life situation and makes you feal like a soldier…but instead cod gives all this perks and bullshit and its nothing new for the fans…that just shows the things you lack in war…..and i like moh better..

  • Jalen

    people just play call of duty cause it has these perks and they know they suck in real life events…..when that terrible situation happens where are your perks now..they wont save you…

  • djmagnumb

    This game sucks di*k.

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