Attack on Titan (AoT) The Final Chapters: When Does the Last Episode Come Out?

Check here for info on when the last episode of Attack on Titan (AoT) The Final Chapters will come out!

by J.R. Waugh
Attack on Titan Final Chapters Leaks Release Date Last Episode Special 2
Image: Hajime Isayama / MAPPA

Attack on Titan is the undeniable next big cultural event in the anime world for Fall 2023. It’s captivated fans with its incredible animation and grim storytelling for a decade and now its final chapters are finally being put to the screen. While we saw glimpses of this glorious last installment in the summer, we’re seeing leaks pop up about when we can expect to see the full release. Here is when Attack on Titan (AoT) The Final Chapters Special 2, the last episode, comes out!

Attack on Titan (AoT) Leaks Show Fall 2023 Broadcast Release Date for the Last Episode of The Final Chapters

According to leaks, the broadcast release date of Attack on Titan (AoT) The Final Chapters Special 2 is November 4, 2023. Expect the last episode to come out on that date. This information was found courtesy of an unlisted Attack on Titan YouTube video on the Anime Pony Canyon channel detailing information about an afterparty commemorating the episode’s release.

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The party, Attack on Titan Worldwide, is set to take place after the broadcast on November 5 and will go until November 8. The leaks say we can expect the last episode of AoT at 24:00 in Japan, but the question on everybody in the West’s mind is, when can we watch it with English subtitles?

When Does the English Sub of Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters Special 2 Release?

With as big of a release as Attack on Titan is, we can reasonably expect a simulcast at or around the same time the episode finishes its broadcast of the last episode.

It’s going to be a conclusive, explosive, and possibly divisive finale for the fandom, but it’ll undeniably be the end of an era for a true prestige anime, and one of the most flawless jewels in MAPPA’s crown.

- This article was updated on September 11th, 2023

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