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Batman: Arkham Knight Catwoman’s Revenge DLC Impressions – Is It Worth It?

by Dean James


Batman: Arkham Knight may have released back in June, but Rocksteady made it clear from the start that the game would received support throughout the rest of the year, leading to the pricy season pass. Originally scheduled for release in October, the Catwomen’s Revenge DLC is finally available, so we thought we’d take a look and see if it was worth the money, either as part of the season pass or by itself.

The Catwomen’s Revenge DLC is very similar to the last story pack DLC that let us take control of Nightwing. However, instead of Nightwing, we of course take control of Catwomen in this short experience. Catwomen was also available in Batman: Arkham Knight within the Riddler missions, even being playable in a few parts, which is where her gameplay mechanics come from, plus the addition of stealth related moves.

The mission starts off in Winslow’s Toy Shop, aka the shop owned by Superman villain Toy Man. However, he does not play a role here, as it is merely the setting for this DLC. First of all, you will be in a room adjacent to another that is full of a number of enemies. The mission here is to find three of them that are holding keys by pickpocketing them.

Using these keys on a computer panel opens a door in the other room that gives you further access, but also has more enemies to take down. You can either do this stealthily if you wish, but you can just go all out and attack as well here.

After taking down all of these enemies, there is a little puzzle you have to get past to advance through a door and then walk through a passageway to an elevator, where you will then be taunted by Riddler. Now, you must fight five Riddlebots, followed by dodging a spiked obstacle a few times, and then fighting more Riddlebots, this time with a laser beam that can hurt you as well.

After these fights with Riddlebots, the Catwoman’s Revenge DLC is over. Just like GCPD Lockup, it is incredibly short, almost too short. It doesn’t really give you enough time to experience using Catwoman like it really should, which is disappointing considering she got her own full story section in Arkham City.

The saving grace here however is the cost, which is only $1.99 once again. For this cost, this will provide about a 20 minute or so experience, so it really depends on if you feel that is worth it. Playing as Catwoman is as fun as always and it does technically followup on the game’s ending, but it just feels once again like it could have been further fleshed out than it is.

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