Best Female Fortnite Skins

Best Female Skins in Fortnite

by Masoud Kazemi


A big portion of Fortnite popularity is because of its colorful, different, and sometimes weird skins. Many of those iconic skins belonged to female character models which leads to many players choosing female models in the first place. Not only there are different female skins, but each skin has different colors and accessories which doubles the worth of that skin. Here are the best female skins you can attain in Fortnite.

Valkyrie female skins in Fortnite


Apart from its icy and cold-looking appearance, the myth behind Valkyrie soldiers are legendary enough to give you that moral boost you want in a match. It is inspired by the elite soldiers of Odin and the little details like the animal skull on her hip are simply glorious. Valkyrie is also one of the most-detailed female skins in Fortnite.



This skin is perfect for goth fans. Dusk skin which came to Fortnite as part of the Halloween celebration shows a female vampire with red eyes, purple lips, pink-ish hair color, and of course that bat wings. She also has some dangerous-looking spikes coming from her fingertips which makes her even more gothic in all of her leather clothes.



Astra is the best skin for lovers of astronomy and zodiac signs. Astra skins introduced fans to a new black-haired female model. Her costume has dynamic patterns of stars and constellations which look even more beautiful if you see it at night.

Brite Bomber female skins in Fortnite


Brite Bomber is much more cheerful and colorful than the other mentioned female skins. This skin was added to Fortnite in December of 2017. This skin is basically Ramirez default skin wearing a purple costume with a bright pink unicorn shirt. Her hair color matches perfectly with her sunglasses and overlook in general, which makes her one of the best and most popular skins in Fortnite.



Lynx is probably the coolest and most elegant female in Fortnite. She has different types of skin but her latest black, full masked with pointy ears is on another level. She also has a red version of the catsuit and a maskless skin with a backward hat with ears on it.



If Lynx skin was the coolest dark female skin of Fortnite, then Whiteout is probably the coolest bright female skin. Her motorcycle gear with dark purple glass on her helmet is simple, elegant, and merely heart-melting. This skin was added to the game back in August of 2018.



Catalyst is the female counterpart of the season 5 final battle. She is part of the Drift set in Fortnite. She wears a black hoodie with a long black trench coat which matches perfectly with her dark cat mask and shoes. Her purple eyes create a good contrast with her all-black costume. Catalyst is probably the best female skin for cyberpunk lovers.

Calamity female skins in Fortnite


Calamity gunslinger western-themed skin is one of the most customizable female skin in Fortnite. She wears a long dark trench coat with silver patterns and brown gloves and a black cowboy hat with silver bullhead in the front. Calamity’s classic style makes her a timeless skin that you can wear anytime and look the coolest in the match.

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