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10 Best Free Cozy Games on Steam

There’s nothing better than a cozy game to sit back and relax for an hour. Cozy games are even better when they don’t cost a penny and are entirely free. Many free games are on the market, but some are more worth it than others. Read further to learn about the ten best free Steam games, and start saving some money!

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Best Free Cozy Games on Steam

Below you will find the ten best free games on Steam right now. All you need is a PC and hit download to play today! Whether you’re trying to find a game with the family, looking for a good laugh, or something new to enjoy, this guide has the game for you. These are also perfect for the Steam Deck handheld console.

Cheeky Cooks

Image: Trilum Studios

Do you want to become the ultimate rancher? That’s the goal of Cheeky Chooks, where you must build a Chook and Hen empire from the ground up while dealing with seasonal weather conditions. Cheeky Chooks will challenge all players with time management and other skills, as you will have to monitor the chicken’s and hens’ hunger to ensure they stay healthy! Complete missions and move up the ranks in this adorable cozy adventure.

Hidden Lands

Image: Hede Games

Procedurally generated games are the best and even better when free. Hidden Lands fit that criteria, where players will be tasked to spot the difference in beautiful and endless levels. Once players spot the difference, they will restore the design and create magnificent landscapes. It’s a relaxing game that is great to pick up for an hour or two.

Little Postman

Image: Atlas Imaginal

Becoming a postman has never been as relaxing as it is in Little Postman. Players will enjoy navigating tiles in a grid-based environment and try their hardest to reach the level’s inhabitants and deliver their mail. Change the environment to find the best route, and discover the nine unique levels the game includes. This is the perfect game for puzzle lovers looking for a free-to-play game.

Alpaca Stacka

Image: Alpacalypse Studios

Do you love Alpacas? Me too, and that’s why I love Alpaca Stacka. Alpaca Stacka is a 3-d platformer where players take control of an Alpaca named Paz. As you explore the beautiful island, you’ll come across “Mama Hens Lost Chickens” as you work towards collecting them all! Additionally, you get a Squirrel named Streusel, and he’s just an adorable little critter. This game is perfect for animal lovers!

What Never Was

Image: Acke Hallgren

With a perfect 10 out of 10 on Steam, What Never Was is a game with superb storytelling, where the player takes the role of a granddaughter cleaning out her grandfather’s attic. You’ll find some interesting secrets, twists, and turns in the story arc that makes this free game worth the ride. Even more remarkable is that the game was developed by only one guy, Acke Hallgren, and is his first published work. Pretty impressive as a first-time project.

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Coral Cove

Image: The Sanchez Team

Coral Cove is relaxing but can also present quite a bit of a challenge. As pollution damage continues to get worse in Coral Cove, it is up to the player to eliminate the pollution as much as possible by matching tiles and objects in unique levels. Each level has its feel and look, which are pleasant on the eyes and perfect for a night of relaxation.

The Sims 4

Image: EA

It would only be a “top 10 free games on Steam” list if mentioning The Sims 4! From the popular series, The Sims 4 offers the most features and customization in creating a sim than any of them in the series. With recent additions to the game, such as expansion packs and new content like items and cosmetics, this game has endless content for gamers to enjoy. Create a sim and put them through school, a job, and even have a kid! It’s addicting and has tons of mods for players to add on and make the game more of their own.

Resonance of the Ocean

Image: Image Labo

Resonance of the Ocean is the perfect game to pick up and play occasionally, as it can be completed in a half hour. Still, despite its shortness, it is an excellent game with a beautiful art design. Your job is to create and use various instruments to answer calls from across the sea. Music fans and instrument players will love this, as the music in this game is good enough to warm your heart and make you want to head to the ocean yourself.

100 Hidden Frogs

Image: Anatoliy Loginovskikh

100 Hidden Frogs is perfect for the family; everyone can enjoy the fun. Take your time to find hidden frogs in black-and-white, hand-drawing pictures set in a forest setting. With 100 frogs to find, this game is challenging and can take quite some time to finish, making it all that much more exciting when you reach the endgame. The great thing about locating the frogs is that they change spots every time you reload, meaning there is a good amount of replayability.

Pineapple Pizza

Image: Majorariatto

Don’t let your hate for pineapple on pizza deter you from playing the enjoyable game on Steam. Pineapple Pizza has a 10 out of 10 user score on Steam, and your objective is to find as many people as you can at a party and try to ruin their day. It’s a hilarious premise and plays on the idea that so many people find pineapple on pizza a disgusting concept (even though I love it). This game is worth your time, and you’ll find some good laughs along the way.

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