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Best Minecraft Platform to Play on

The pros and cons of every major version of Minecraft

by Luna Wilkes


There are many different ways to play Minecraft by now, from consoles to PCs to even mobile devices, but which one is the best Minecraft platform to play on? Right here I’ll be listing off some of the more major releases and variations of the game and explaining the pros and cons of each one of them. And of course, we’ll also be looking at which one is the absolute best to play on.

Mobile Devices

Android and IOS devices offer the ability to play Minecraft on your phones. While this is nice and convenient for those who don’t have access to other means of playing the game, it’s far from the best platform to play Minecraft on. Controls for games like this on mobile devices can sometimes feel a bit strange and clunky, which can prove to be an issue in a game that oftentimes demands a good bit of precision. There is also the issue of having to play on a much smaller screen, which can make some of the smaller details a bit harder to notice. It does however have the benefit of being the cheapest version of Minecraft, coming in at only $7.00 instead of the typical base price of $20 and upwards on every other platform.


Since most consoles play about the same, they’re being lumped together for this category, though there will be a short mention of the Switch version of the game. Console versions have the benefit of being able to be reliably played on any modern console, which means you have a decent number of options laid out before you. These versions of the game all use controllers and even offer split-screen multiplayer. They also allow for cross-play with people playing on other consoles and the windows 10 edition of the game as an added bonus. People playing on the Switch even have the added bonus of being able to play on the go. However, some people may find that controllers still aren’t the best for a game such as this. There’s also the fact that you cannot host a server on console versions of the game.


PC – Windows 10 Edition

PC is unique in that it offers players two different ways to play the game. The first of these we’ll be looking at is the Windows 10 Edition of the game, which is sometimes referred to as Bedrock edition alongside mobile and console platforms. This is because all of these versions of the game support crossplay between each other. Now, the Windows 10 Edition boasts the same features as the console versions of the game, but with some major improvements. For one, the game is fully playable using a mouse and keyboard, which many people consider to be the best way to play the game. It also allows players to host their own server for their friends to join, which can be a bit nicer than what needs to be done for consoles.

PC – Java Edition

The Java edition of Minecraft is the most unique out of all the main ways to play the game, and because of that, it may very well be the best platform to play the game on. Why is this likely the best version to play on though? Well, it’s because this version of the game can be modified more than any of the others and just in general offers a lot more freedom with what you can do. For one, this is the only version of Minecraft with proper and free mod support. The closest the other versions of the game come to mods is that they offer paid DLC for the game rather than free additions. Speaking of which, the Java version of the game has no paid DLC whatsoever, as everything you can add to the game is offered for free. It also boasts a lower price than the Windows 10 Edition, as it only costs $26.95 Pretty much the only downside to this version of the game is that there is no support for cross-play, as it can only be played with other people playing on Java edition.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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