Best Star Wars LEGO Sets for the Creative Jedi in Your Life

May the brick be with you!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you looking for the best Star Wars LEGO sets as a gift for the creative Jedi in your life? Star Wars has been around for generations, and with LEGO sets, you can immortalize your favorite scene or character or decide how the battle between the light and dark sides should go. They also make fantastic gifts for all ages and skill levels. So if you are trying to decide what to give as a gift for the creative Jedi in your life, look no further. We have provided you with the best Star Wars LEGO sets to make the perfect holiday gift.

Best Star Wars LEGO Sets

LEGO just celebrated the twentieth anniversary of its Star Wars sets. Over the last twenty years, they have come out with over 400 sets, which can make your decision extremely hard. Don’t worry, though. We have narrowed those sets down to the top 5 Star Wars LEGO sets that would make the perfect gift for the LEGO Master in your life.

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar


An Advent Calendar is a perfect way to get your little Padawans excited for Christmas. But, of course, the fact that it is Star Wars makes the best deal in the galaxy! The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar includes 8 LEGO Star Wars characters, ten mini-build vehicles, and six other mini-builds.

  • Recommended Age: 6+
  • Pieces: 329



If the gift you are looking for is for a LEGO Master, then look no further. This massive AT-AT, also massively priced, will surely be the pride of their collection! The AT-AT stands 25 inches tall and is 27 inches long. It opens to show a highly detailed interior. You can fit 40 LEGO mini-figures, four speeder bikes, and an E-Web heavy repeating blaster inside. The AT-AT set includes 9 LEGO Star Wars mini-figures, two speeder bikes, and the E-Web heavy repeating blaster. The set also comes with a fun information plaque that can be displayed alongside it.

  • Recommended Age: 18+
  • Pieces: 6785

The Child


We couldn’t get enough of the most adorable character from the Star Wars: Mandalorian series, and now you can have your own Grogu at home with The Child LEGO set. What makes this LEGO set best than most is its posable head, movable ears, and adjustable mouth, allowing you to configure The Child in many cute poses.

  • Recommended Age: 10+
  • Pieces: 1073



BD-1 is an exploration droid from the hit game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. BD-1 was a fantastic character in the game, and we love that he can be immortalized. It features posable joints, a tiltable head, and stim canister elements compartment. An information plaque is also included and meant to be displayed with the piece.

  • Recommended Age: 14+
  • Pieces: 1062

Death Star Trench Run Diorama


Your Star Wars fan will love recreating one of the most iconic scenes from the Star Wars franchise! The Death Star Trench Run Diorama is part of the build-to-display collectible series. This is by far the best LEGO set in the diorama series due to the intricate detailing of the Death Star’s surface and the action of the TIE fighters chasing behind Luke. Note: This set does not come with any mini-figures.

  • Recommended Age: 18+
  • Pieces: 665

- This article was updated on November 17th, 2022

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