BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! Hands-On Impressions

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Like any true superhero, the death of BoxBoy! was not truly the end. Yes, the titular square hero is returning once more, this time on Nintendo Switch. Shifting off the 3DS is enough to get any fan excited for a new game in this ridiculously cute and fun puzzle platforming series, but BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! offers a lot of new stuff to enjoy beyond the fresher platform. I checked it out at PAX East 2019, and you can see some gameplay below.

I break down most of the game there along with my wife who I’ve tried to get into the series before. BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! looks like the perfect way to do it too, since it brings coop to the series. We only got a small taste of what the game has to offer, but this alone will likely be enough to draw in tons of new and returning players.

Coop just works so well for this series, which is based on figuring out puzzles in order to grab crowns and get to the end of the level. Working together made these early example stages much easier, but there are many that require each player to perform separate and distinct tasks, so it’s surely going to get much tougher the further you get into the hundreds of levels here.

And if you don’t have someone to play along with you, you can just bounce between the two characters Snipperclips style. Or head into the separate and self-contained single player levels. Either way, you’ll be working with new and intricate mechanics all based around the simple boxes you can craft off of your character. It’s been surprising to see how deep this series can get with each new entry, and moving to Switch should only make that better.

We’ll find out more when BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! arrives on Nintendo Switch on April 26th.

BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! Impressions

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