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Call of Duty: Is Extinction better than Zombies?

by William Schwartz


Call of Duty: Ghosts includes a new alien survival(ish) mode that was touted as Infinity Ward’s answer to Treyarch’s insanely popular Zombies game type. Did they succeed? Has Extinction taken the crown from Treyarch? This article gives you my comparison of the two, and my opinion on which is better and why. We’ll start with what Extinction does better;

Why Extinction is better

Classes & Leveling. Extinction contains an XP system with levels and unlocks, similar to Call of Duty’s classic Multiplayer system. This adds a new level of replay value to the mode, as you have goals set out for you and something to aim for. It also adds variety to the start of games because you have a custom loadout which is often different to your teammates. As a game progresses, you will almost definitely take a different path of upgrading your skills than the rest of your team, which diversifies it further.

More Teamwork Oriented. Call of Duty: Ghosts’ new mode definitely rewards and encourages team co-ordination and support more than Zombies does. If you don’t work with your teammates then you probably won’t do very well, and I think this is a very appealing feature to fans of co-operative games. Lone-wolfing is reckless and stupid, but the game is less punishing when you go into Last Stand or die.

Different & New. Something that really helps sell Extinction is that it’s new. Some are unhappy with the direction that Zombies has gone in, and argue that it’s gotten stale and old. I don’t subscribe to this theory, but Extinction is a nice change. It offers something different, whether its the XP system, the scavenging element or just the unusual behavior of the aliens. One key example is the modified cash system, as every kill is the worth a pre-determined amount.

Why Zombies is better

Variety of Maps & Weapons. One of the places where Extinction lacks the most is Variety of the map. Firstly, there’s only one map at the moment. I imagine a new map will be added with every DLC map pack, but you will obviously have to pay to receive them. In addition, the same guns are always in the same location. Although the same can be said of Zombies, the Random Box is a universally sought after item in a game of Zombies, which adds a level of chance that Extinction lacks for the most part.

Length of Games. Something that Zombies definitely benefits from is variable game lengths. As Extinction has an end game, it will always last roughly the same amount of time, dependent on the skill of your team. Zombies on the other hand will last for as long as you can persevere, but you can just end the game whenever you like without the feeling that you wasted your time.

Simpler. Although Zombies includes perks, a random box and debris that has to be cleared, a normal game will feature far less depth than a match of Extinction. Due to the deep levelling and loadout system, it would be far easier for someone to pick up Zombies for the first time. This is definitely an argument in its favor, because the average gamer often just wants to shoot some things without being bombarded with confusion.


So, is Extinction better than Zombies? In my opinion, no. It does have potential, but is very limited at the moment as there is currently only one map, which you must traverse in a relatively linear manner. I think in time it could come to be better if more levels and maps were added.

That’s my opinion, but feel free to give your own in the comments section below.

- This article was updated on:February 21st, 2017

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