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Best Weapons In Call of Duty Mobile – Season 1

A new Season is upon us, so let's take a look at the current meta.

by Victor Vellas


Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 for 2021,  has been around for less than a week but the competition is already heating up with new weapons to unlock, new Battle Pass rewards to earn, and overall a great amount of new content. In fact, not everything is already implemented into the game, so we have even more new goodies to wait for until the end of February. One of those being the new base weapon, SKS, which appears to be a very famous choice for everyone out there who eagerly awaits to get their hands on. Based on the team’s official website, the weapon will be out mid-February.

That said, we have plenty more weapons we can take advantage of for this freshly-started Season, so let’s take a look at the most impactful ones of the current meta. Yes, Sniper Rifles are still the weapon of choice for the veterans out there, as we can clearly see from every top player Call of Duty Mobile. For players that don’t spend every single bit of their free time with the game though, all of the weapon types are viable, with some having a small edge over others, hence the purpose of this guide. The list below is not in any particular order of importance, so feel free to try any of them you want.

 1. DR-H / Assault Rifle

Personally, at first, I wouldn’t consider it one of the best assault rifles at the moment, as there are more that could fill its niche. However, statistics are saying otherwise with some great win ratios, so I was urged to try the weapon out. For some reason, everything clicked right away, especially at mid-long range. Maybe it’s the time I spent apart from this specific gun, but it does handle everything very well, besides its controversial bullet spread. A user-friendly weapon though, which you can literally ‘pick up and play’.

Personal tip: Experiment with its attachments a lot, to find what suits you best.

2. Arctic .50/ Sniper Rifle

Want some heavy power in your arms? Do you want to use a Sniper Rifle, but not limited to one-shot per reload? Well there you go, not only the most user-friendly Bolt Sniper of the game, but also one of the strongest as well. Which in result makes it a really overpowered gun at your disposal, and rest assured that you will see this thing a lot in any competitive mode. Beginners and pros alike will use it a lot, and you should as well. I am not a Sniper guy in general as I prefer SMGs and Assault Rifles, but if I were to use one competitively, it would be this one. Able to one shot anyone in certain conditions, even behind walls with the fitting setup, make yourself a favor if you are into Sniper Rifles and use this monster.

Personal tip: Attach a Tactical Scope

3. HVK-30/ Assault Rifle

Considered to be one of the most broken weapons in the game, if not the most broken one, HVK-30 received multiple major nerfs. Even so, it still holds a spot as one of the greatest assault rifles in Call of Duty Mobile, but needs a little more tweaking now. There is a reason why it is still held by many players in the competitive scene, but this is also its drawback. In the hands of a not-so experienced player, it is really unforgiving with its low magazine. Having an attack rate this high, with such a small magazine, can really make the difference between a successful kill or a certain death. Being able to handle its ammo correctly though, you literally have a juggernaut in your hands.

Personal tip: Large Caliber is almost mandatory

4. Locus/ Sniper Rifle

Another Sniper Rifle, hooray. But seriously, how couldn’t we have it in this list. It’s such a strong sniper and a literal weapon of destruction in the right hands. Simply put, if you are get used of handling the before mentioned Arctic .50, and you want to up your long-range game, it’s time to use this beast. Way harder to use than the Arctic .50, but far more solid in regards to ensuring kills. As I already mentioned though, a gun only for skilled players.

Personal tip: Customize your layout to fit a fast-paced ‘no scope’ playstyle.

5. ASM10/ Assault Rifle

My least favorite weapon in this list, but not due to its performance. On the contrary, it is a powerhouse to begin with, with its only drawback being a rather slow ADS time. Hence why this is not of my taste, as I prefer quicker tools. Not much more to say as well for ASM10, since it is simply a very solid choice for anyone, with balanced performance overall.

Personal tip: Not necessary to aim for headshots or body, as the huge damage it does can lead to 3-shoting players even if they are damaged to the leg etc. 

Spots in this list can easily be changed in the future, depending on what Call of Duty Mobile’s team decides on nerfing/buffing, so make sure to experiment with a lot of weapons before deciding to ‘main’ one of these. You never know when you will need that experience.

The new Season 1 is currently live, so make sure to claim every reward of that awesome Battle Pass!

- This article was updated on:February 5th, 2021

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