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CEO Kaz Hirai Parody Says Goodbye: His Best Tweets

by Jose Belmonte


For years, the Twitter timeline of thousands of gamers have been made much more amusing thanks to the comedy of CEO Kaz Hirai…not the actual CEO of the Sony Corporation, but, as his bio says, the “CEO and Saviour of SONY. Ridge Racer Brand Ambassador. PARODY ACCOUNT.” The comedic account has posted a message overnight that announced his retiring from the social network at some point after E3 2018. The reasons mentioned are varied, but they can be summarized in a mix of fatigue and an understandable desire to move on to different things.

Although sad, the good side of making an announcement this early is that the handler of the account will be able to give it the grand finale it deserves, as in the more than six years that it has been active, the account has gained over 100.000 followers including legendary producer Shuei Yoshida, and it has been referenced even by the real Sony in their press conferences. The secret of its success? The undeniable comedy skills especially when it came to reference the company’s own issues.

While we have one year to say goodbye to such a beloved digital figure, we wanted to remember its genius with some of his best tweets of the past years.

On Sony:

On Microsoft:

On Nintendo:

On Final Fantasy XV:

On The Last Guardian:


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