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Crackdown 3 Interview – How Terry Crews Fits, and is Cloud Computing Still in

by Kyle Hanson


Before I got to sit down and play some Crackdown 3 I had a chance to chat with a couple of the guys behind the game. Peter Connelly, the Executive Producer for Crackdown 3 was nice enough to answer some of my questions. We talked about Terry Crews, the new gameplay mechanics of the game, and something that’d been on my mind ever since the new trailer.

Starting off I had to ask about the big reveal that Terry Crews would be a part of Crackdown 3. “Terry’s a big gamer,” said Connelly. “I think that Terry fits our IP, it’s almost hands in glove. It just fits well together. It’s been in the works for many months, and many people have worked on it. But Terry absolutely will be playable in this game. You’ll have a customizable Terry agent. He’s a great believer in this game, and he’s been a lot of fun to work with, and he’s been a real pro the whole way. It’s been a great relationship.”

Crackdown 3 follows off of two well received titles. With so many years between the second and third iteration I asked Peter what fans could expect to be different with this new game. “It’s a completely brand new world. And that world is almost three times the size of the original game. And it’s twice as high as well…If you look a this city, it’s a living, moving city. We’ve got monorails, we’ve got a lot of moving parts, and elevations platforms, etc. So there’s a lot more ways to play. And then, in addition, the original game had a fairly rudimentary type of AI. It was cool, but it was just a single type of AI. With this game we’ve brought together different types of combat and different enemy types…And we’ve got a whole slew of new weapons.”

Peter also brought up the competitive multiplayer mode and the huge level of destruction that players will be able to cause in it. This reminded me to ask about the cloud computing that had been such a big part of Crackdown 3’s marketing strategy when it was first announced.

“That is still part of Crackdown 3,” explained Peter. “It’s part of our competitive multiplayer. And we’re gonna talk about that later on. We haven’t talked about campaign at all, so we wanted to bring it to this show, and then we’re gonna talk about competitive multiplayer, which has the cloud based destruction later on.”

The campaign still has a lot of destruction, according to Peter. However it won’t use the cloud computing to help with it, which might cause some differences between the two modes. But keeping it out of the single player allows players to play the campaign without an internet connection, if that’s necessary.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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