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Dead by Daylight Beta Key Giveaway

| June 1, 2016

Dead by Daylight Beta Key Giveaway Articles  Steam PC Gaming Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight, the game that lets you and four friends play through a horror movie scenario where one of you is a psychotic killer and the rest are trying to survive, is now in closed beta. Fans are trying out the game and it’s looking really great so far, with some fun survival horror gameplay that really takes advantage of the asymmetrical multiplayer aspects. Many have gotten access, but most are still left out. Thankfully we’ve got a bunch of extra codes and are going to give them out to all of you.

How do you get one of these magical Dead by Daylight beta keys? Simple, leave a comment down below, or respond to this tweet. Actually, you can do both, which will double your chances of receiving one of our Dead by Daylight beta keys. The keys will be handed out randomly over the next few days, so get your comments in early to increase your chances.

On the official Steam page, Dead by Daylight is described as “a multiplayer (4vs1) horror game where one player takes on the role of the savage Killer, and the other four players play as Survivors, trying to escape the Killer and avoid being caught and killed.”

Dead by Daylight hits PC on June 14th.

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  • BabyBiscuit


  • Kliess

    very awesome game. definitely picking this one up!

  • Bledell

    Hi :) would love to try this game

  • yallsocray

    Sweet. the look of this game is kinda eery so I bet it adds to the suspense. I want to play both survivor and savage Killer. Hope to get in to a beta.

  • dustin
    • Will Kelley

      No matter on what device I use, it says DNS server cannot be found. This has happend for the past few days..

      • YEEE

        Wait on the screen, it’s a fake fail to connect screen

        • Will Kelley

          Can someone explain to me how to get the keys from the site in depth?

  • Hihihiok

    Would love to try this game!

  • Joe Key

    Looks like a fun concept for a game.

  • Samuel Mihov

    I hope I get one. Wanna try it before buy it :D

  • bran ther

    Hope I win a beta key :D

  • Karl Southwick

    I have always loved playing the game Damned by 9Heads. This game looks like an improved version of that game, and I am stoked!

  • Kyle Hall

    This game looks amazing! Would love to try it out.

  • anonymous

    this game looka great

  • Danny

    Yooo can I get one?

  • sudgeking zero


  • Matt Torres

    Omg thanks!

  • Ballz2Deepe

    Meh.. Looks really fucking gay.

  • FapJacks

    Looks awesome

  • I would really love to give this game a spin. Thanks. ^_^

  • rickey williams

    May i plz have a beta key u guys are badass

  • Nick Tsang

    Looks insanely fun, would love to try it out!

  • Paul

    game looks great

  • Hau Huynh

    i wana 1 key for this game

  • Hau Huynh

    iu want to try it out first befor buy game need beta key

  • ronnie

    This game seems cool i wanna try it before i buy it

  • MikeSide

    nice! I hope I get a key :D! good luck to all!

  • Ben Suri

    I want…no need a beta key!

  • Bryce Martin


  • Eric

    I hope i win!

  • freddy_uk

    :D hi!

  • Grecs

    I want

  • is it offical could evolve learn something from this company?

  • Elemental Outbreak

    Ayy this game looks sick

  • Eleni Han

    Good ol’ fashion horror game! Let the chase begin!!

  • Vincent Sparks

    Can I get a key?? :D

  • Dayle Angelo Capalla

    Can I trouble you guys for a key, please? C:

  • Tiffany H.

    [sakura voice] please

  • Sime Todosiev

    key pls thank you

  • DeltaFrost

    This game looks nice, would love to try the beta with friends :D!

  • blob “blobsnaps” snaps

    yoo iknow u most likely cant do it, but if u get any keys to give please make sure to “hook” me up with one because i like “hanging” out with other gamers. ty- luke

  • Ken Lee

    Nice, been watching streamers play this and it definitely looks fun, wouldn’t mind trying it out.

  • Zenort

    This is an amazing game from the looks of it, would love a shot at getting a key :D

  • Eric
    • GamingHouse500

      sure ill help

  • Chris The Destroyer

    aye pick me plox.

  • toastyj247

    Ayyy let me get a code

  • Hunting_For_SNES

    PLEASE gimme a beta key :D

  • Josh Eatmon

    looks awesome. key me plz

  • Dizzilysane

    Love to try it :D

  • Chris Strouth

    beta plzzzzz

  • KKarn


  • TK DaGod


  • Vin

    I’d love a key <3

  • дима бельский

    very awesome game. would love to try this game.

  • Mekelych
  • Hali Raye

    after loving another game with the same concept (Damned) I really want to give this one a try too!

  • Kristofor Sinn

    Should be worth playing. Looks good.

  • Steven Lockwood

    This game looks awesome (Here from GassyMexican’s stream, he’s playing it!)

  • Attila666


  • undella

    You can also find Beta Keys here! – Its a Horror game, WEBSITE WORKS ONLY AT NIGHT (6pm – 6AM)

  • Digão Ero

    I want *-*

  • Stephen Clark

    Id love to be able to play this

  • Landon

    I’d love a code so I can play the crap out of this game. Been waiting for a multiplayer horror game forever.

  • s3dated 9sycho

    Would like to test this one out on my machine. Hope it runs well.

  • Davnell

    This game looks like good fun, would love to give it a try ;)

  • tjpham

    need 1 key to join my friends :DDD

  • sovietPlays

    Awesome game, can’t wait to hunt down my friends!

  • whutzr

    can i get a key?

  • Eliotxf1

    Looks like a lot of fun with your buddies. Hoping it has an Until Dawn kinda vibe.

  • MonkOfWar

    Oh, this game looks fun and almost 2spooky4me, hope I will win the key :3

  • TheERaichu

    I hope I get a key >w<

  • Christopher Jones

    Definitely gonna get my friends to pick this up with me :)

  • Добрин Георгиев

    This game looks awesome i wan to play

  • Ai


  • Toni Scharf

    nothing to lose here xD

  • deanimate

    meow meow!

  • Thomas Collins

    I’d love a beta key! This looks awesome to try out!

  • GamingFelix

    Looks like an awesome game :D wanna play it

  • Ikillyoutoo Massie

    Saw SeaNanners play this lol

  • Buqqz

    Would love a beta key. Game looks awesome.

  • Jacob Meyer


  • MetroPsycho

    I definitely want to try this game.

  • Xander Rednax

    Looking forward to this, sounds awesome, would love to get in on it.

  • pierre

    I vant a key palease….

  • Corey Graham

    I saw The Creatures play this and it looks amazing!

  • ChowChowthePig

    I don’t know what to say. I want a one. That is all. In a perfect world, I would say that I wanted some for my friends, but what I really want is to boast to them about how I got to play the beta.

  • Deiviadas123123123123

    hey i”m deividas123123123123 from your stream

  • Tomas


  • Shane Benjamin

    cool idea

  • Callam ‘Doogle’ Lawless

    Say what now, what now?

  • Rian Doucet

    Looks so good!

  • Fernando Azcona

    Can’t wait to play it !

  • derpyman nega

    love the game

  • Stryker_101

    Very awesome looking game can’t wait to play it

  • BigWhit

    Just the environment I’ve been looking for.

  • Kurt Wagner

    Looks pretty cool, can’t wait to try it out.

  • Dean Hanson

    this game looks really good

  • Alex Moreno

    Cant wait!

  • Thimsoria

    Watched lirik play it, looks amazing

  • Austin Ames

    Beta please!

  • Rob groop

    Would absolutely love this!

  • Robert Farthing

    Just reading about this gets me pumped!

  • B3nds0n

    hey :)

  • Charles Cote

    Would love to try this game!

  • John SceneA

    Gotta get my mittens on this!

  • Point Blanc

    The game looks like a lot of fun

  • dima


  • MightyMax

    I’m game! (Get it?)

  • Ryzander

    Hi-llo! Thank you for having this giveaway! Even if you don’t choose me, reading more about it here helped me decide I’m really intrigued by it!

  • Alexander Morrissey

    I’d love a key for me and my friends. Be a nice break after finals.

  • Danny’d By Devito

    Very nice looking game. For sure going to have some scares with this one.

  • Kyle Satterstrom

    Sounds fun

  • ktplayzgames

    Loving these survival games coming out. Def need this one!

  • DelicateTuber

    I Want One Plz! :D

  • Desmond Junius

    This looks like the type of game that will give you shivers just because you find out how sadistic your friend is.

  • Demian Gutiérrez

    Hope i get a key…

  • Samuel Gaul


  • Throwaway

    I would love to play this game before it comes out, a beta key would be greatly appreciated.

  • Suri Haddon

    This seems like a fun horror game to keep you up at night so i want it

  • Snks

    this game look awesome i want to play beta with friends

  • bob

    Still key’s available?

  • Blurryface

    Looks awesome, would be pleased to get one!

  • nader sabry

    lets play


    i would love a key

  • Engraved

    Looks so good!!!

  • sirdidymus5

    Definitely looks like a good game.

  • ShadowTunk

    Looks good

  • Ionut

    im poor

  • Piper

    By fate’s hand…

  • Tristan Soles

    may i have one please :D


    Omg I so want to stream this.

  • Juzzie

    can i have one?


    Would love to try this beta!

  • Gigglebyte

    I’d like to try the Beta.

  • Lane Carey

    i want one

  • alex obrien

    Looks awesome :D

  • bogdan

    I would like to try this game :0

  • Timothy Chou


  • Austin Mathews

    Looks like a playable slasher film, and that interests me.

  • Rdgo

    Hi Would like to try!

  • Gooman

    Hey! Id love to try it. Thanks guys. :P

  • Kevin Farr

    I would love a Dead by Deadlight Bata key please

  • Eric Deever

    I need a key

  • Hector Aguilar Jr

    a beta key to this would be siiiiick

  • Miguel Conde

    i think the game looks awsome

  • Ryan Jefferson

    Game Looks awesome!!! Will be picking this game up for sure

  • Tyler Ryan Burke

    been waiting for this game to come out for so long a beta key be awesome <3333

  • Daniel Lynch

    Can’t wait to give this one a shot.

  • Shadoka

    This is what im waiting 4

  • Auyes


  • Jacob Forsberg


  • Me

    Looks like a ton of fun, hopefully I get into the beta!

  • AJ

    Great game, would love to play!

  • Coach Surfer

    gief key!

  • michael waycaster

    Hyped :D

  • Steven

    Here we go

  • Rotting Horse


  • asaguda


  • Spoiler Alert

    Looks like an AMAZING horror game, would love to get the chance to play it before my friends :D

  • Katsua

    Game honestly looks like a ton of fun

  • Andrew Small

    Yes please!

  • Daniel Garcia

    Im honestly so hyped to play this with friends :D

  • latino_mandingo_69

    im getting this game no doubt but whats up with a key??? IGOTDATGAME my official youtube but i dont got this one….yet!

  • Gabe

    Throwing up some lucky nickels to win a key!!

  • Shane Walsh

    Perfect practice for extra-curricular activities…

  • Zixty

    Awesome Game

  • This looks really interesting.

  • Nickolas Herndon

    cant wait for this game!!!

  • PyroZombie

    I’m a big fan of slasher flicks, but i honestly have seen much of this game. I sure would like to try the beta before i buy it, not that i won’t buy, i just want to get some feel for the game.

  • john stamos

    Would love to try it out!

  • STAKz X

    I would love a beta key. Game looks amazing. I have a few friends I would love to terrorize in this game. Crossing fingers!

  • CaptainReigan

    oh man this would be great to play! :D

  • RandomVengeance Gaming

    I never win anything, but I figured I’d try. It would be cool if I got a Beta key. :)

  • Cameron Joseph

    dude i cant wait for this game to come out! looks so badass!

  • Keith _

    finally this game has come to fruition. hope i get into the beta! thanks.

  • Jairo R. Von Guttierian

    I would love to test this

  • Adam Fonner

    Watched someone stream his last night, looked awesome

  • Joker


  • Joshua Cashman

    Really looking forward to trying this out!

  • Zorlos Kaos

    i would like this

  • D Man

    i do want to try

  • William J.C. Cronin

    I can’t wait for it to come out. I’ve been following the alpha for a while now. So exicted

  • Tyler Tran

    Just saw some gameplay by H20 Delirious… Looks like a game that will be extremely fun to play with friends. Would love to own this game when it comes out.

  • Sure, why not? Let’s give it a shot.

  • Joe

    Hell yea I’d love a key this game looks really unique

  • ThePacman100000

    Awesome game design and unique gameplay

  • admiral poo

    Damn man, key me up

  • boyskout99

    Looks spooky scary

  • Løgan Kyrø

    Game looks ridiculously fun

  • Thasin Jemima


  • Kelly Innis

    Looking forward to this, very interested in multiplayer horror!

  • pierre


  • Christopher RQ

    Would love to recieve a key to play with my Canada friends. :D

  • Jake Lakas

    Jason Vorhees, Michael Meyers skins confirmed?

  • Ratamacue

    Would be cool to play :)

  • George Alexander Simmons

    I would love to try the game!

  • FluffyBunny


  • Michael “Bombtastic” Patterson


  • Prowutski

    Nice write up, and game looks killer too!

  • GamingHouse500

    I would love to try this game but you probably dont have anymore codes so :,(

  • steuey


  • Womboes


  • memo gutierrez

    seen clips of the game and would love to play it!

  • Fusiioniist


  • Aidan Wilda

    Id want this game so bad

  • Quentin

    Holy santa clause shit

  • James Morrall

    Looks really cool, I would like a key. :D

  • Andrew Parker

    I never wanted to kill my friends some much.

  • Mr_SWAT

    A beata key? Giggity :D

  • Alvega TV

    Key pls <

  • Agent Isaac

    i saw this game and went, HERES JOHNNY

  • Dagnificent

    key plz

  • Ryan Kain

    Hopeful to get some keys for my friends!

  • Zeo Kaixa

    the game looks so cool , games like this are my favourite and i hope i win a key

  • Harley Austin

    Over here!

  • Armani R.

    Probably too late for a chance at a key, but I will continue to follow and support the development of this game!

  • i would love to try out this beta

  • Jessica Finley

    i cant wait to try it

  • Vlader0n

    Good horror

  • Daniel Dickinson

    Nice looking forward to giving this a try

  • baxter322

    Watching a twitch stream of this right now and really wish I could play.

  • Robert Demarteau

    i love this kind of games i would like to play it

  • EnoxAHB

    suh dude.

  • epic702

    can i have a key please

  • Ryan Mcneely

    Hopin’ for the key. Game looks good

  • Arion

    Hello :D

  • Vili

    I hope i get in the beta looks great!

  • Kayla Cobb

    :D would love to play this

  • Alyxsis Yurikyza

    Friendship is Murder…that’s the saying right?

  • stevo61r

    Looks awesome, would love to try it ;)

  • Abraxus

    w00t, etc.

  • Sara Tomasino

    Would love to get in on the beta. Win me a key!!

  • EnemyAnemone

    this looks interesting! watched a couple of vids online and would love to try it out. asymmetrical gameplay has always been my favorite

  • Vycemor

    Man I want that game so much :D! Already did what was asked! Hopefully I’ll get that key!

  • David H

    can’t wait to give it a try


    Man this games looking great, really hope I get a key

  • clutchk9

    awesome! looking forward to this

  • epic702

    need key plz

  • Greg Culhane


  • GeddyThePolack

    Would love to play the game!!!

  • william campbell

    very excited for this and would love a key

  • Omega Sigma

    i saw some gameplay of this game. i need it so badly lmao

  • Ahmad Abdul-Rahim M

    Is it over? I want a key!

  • Lenovo Gaming

    Heya I’m an intern with Lenovo Gaming :) How about a key?

  • Melissa Rausch

    aw this is an awesome game! I didn’t even know it was coming out but I saw some things about it and fell in love with it. I would love to play this with my friends!

  • Neet Dhir

    Great game

  • Spitliver

    this game is amazing, i want one beta key

  • Das

    This seems interesting! Would love a beta key :)!

  • shaked


  • MLGbaner

    i…need…to try this game ;-;

  • Eric Szatkowski

    code please

  • Djalol BenEast

    jawesome game.

  • Jessie Cady (Jyio)


  • Era

    I’ve loved the gameplay I’ve seen so far, would love to join in.

  • Fox Gaming

    This game looks awesome.

  • Matt Posey

    Dang looks like an interesting game. Fingers crossed that it can bring enough content to the table to keep people playing

  • Ryan Rognstad

    Awesome, looks fun

  • Benjamin Baines

    I got this game on my wishlist. Hell yeah!

  • Kyle Lothakoun


  • John Pacle

    Hell yeah!

  • Brian

    i would REALLY love to stream this game and try it out!

  • Jimmy Nguyen

    i just wanna win win win!

  • Marcus Villanueva

    Key please?

  • Californicated77

    I hope to play this game! Looks great. I missed a giveaway for this beta from a Twitch stream today. Was sleeping

  • Woryer

    This game looks amazing. Would love a beta key. Keep up the good work!!!!

  • Samantha Diedrich

    PLEASE. This looks right up my alley. I need to play this ASAP.

  • heyy lol

    ayyy this game looks pretty cool

  • Michael usher

    love the concept of this game, please let me try

  • Kaladin Stormblessed

    i really hope i get this key! game looks so sick on streams

  • Nicholas Griswold

    Hello yes I too would like to be a spooky serial killer and/or a terrified screaming manbaby hiding from said serial killer.

  • Will Scammell

    Awesome looking game, would really love to try the beta

  • CatsWhale

    Love this game so much

  • Domovoi0ng

    Death to the normies

  • Matthew Dunaway

    My friend just told me about this game. I would like a key to try

  • Zach Stakenas

    Ill go for it. :)

  • Greymantle

    Been watching it on twitch looks to be a lot of fun.

  • kcazingy

    so excited for this game

  • MrTlblight


  • Sarcinelli

    NIce, can’t wait!

  • Game Designing

    must have a beta key! this game looks insanely cool!

  • Jin Carry


  • PacoTaco76

    Great game, watch it on Twitch all the time and trying to find a key. No luck yet :(.

  • Nuclear Walrus

    Would love to play this game with my friends :D

  • Cheesettec

    Can’t wait for this game >:)

  • bags

    looks awesome!

  • Tonnie Shadron

    I really want to join. I love playing games against my friends and others. Especially horror games.

  • Manukombat


  • Damian Foulds

    I wanna play this game it looks amazing

  • Behr

    This game looks really fun and scary. I’d like a key.

  • Dylann

    I want to play this game ! :O

  • Clones Gaming Wars

    This game looks awesome

  • Sebastian Wrightson

    I did a project on how the horror movie genre creates fear in a pro-active audience I would love to see how this game works and do a comparison with movies like Friday The 13th and Halloween. Cannot wait to get this game.

  • epic702

    key plz

  • Nat Losey

    dead by daylight looks amazing

  • Luiz Gabriel


  • Jamietomp


  • Keno Goodpaster

    I wanna steam key :D

  • Church

    I would love to play this game early, pls.

  • Bryan Boudreault

    i wanta key plz :)

  • Anna Salcedo

    nice post!!!

  • Anna Salcedo

    Hi sorry for the bother but are you still doing keys?

  • Adrian Michael Thomas

    May i have a key? I am a horror movie lover and this game sounds promising.

  • Hayden

    can i have a key lmao i really wanna play

  • NoGame NoLife

    oh man, i saw this from 1 fav stream and i wanna play it

  • Mateusz Chłopek

    I’m looking forward to playing :D

  • Dei Anz


  • Christoffer Francke Jørgensen

    Looks so awesome! cant wait untill it comes out!

  • Mike T

    please gimme copy

  • Sofiane Arhab

    i want mine

  • dionne.geerdes

    Klik this link and you will be able to play the game, if we win we may get a key to play further games!!

  • Will Kelley

    I really want to get into this beta, the game looks so good

  • Frost28

    Seems pretty good!

  • Chillix

    This game is what i have been waiting for 3 years since i watched Friday the 13th, it gave me an idea and hopefully i get a chance to play this with my friends in the future

  • Albert Jukes III (A.J.)


  • Great_Baldung

    I’ve seen some gameplay and I’ve got to say, it’s one of the few horror games that have piqued my interest in any way.

  • Anodos

    I cant wait for this game! This is my favorite kind of multiplayer, been wanting to play (and make) a game like this.

  • Alexey Kuleshov

    where jason?

  • Patrick Ryan

    I would like one. :)

  • Stefanut Gicu
  • Gianni Van den Bosch
  • Strychnine

    This game looks GREAT!

  • Cloth Fist

    beta pls

  • Alexander Tecson

    thanks for this :)

  • DJ Smooth 65782


  • DJ Smooth 65782


  • Ashton Diendl

    I just think you’re game looks awesome so I thought i could help sniff out some bugs.:P
    thank you

  • Andrey Super-sonic

    beta key very need

  • Rodoslav Rost


  • Free On

    This key is only for me. I will play!

  • epic702

    need key plz

  • Miilund

    Looking forward when it comes out~! (/^w^)/

  • Tuddy

    YAY! :D

  • becca

    game looks so sweet!

  • Giannis Dimoulas

    awesome bro

  • Micah


  • epic702

    key plz

  • Daniel N

    Hoping to give this game a try

  • Adam Harte

    I want in!

  • Dylan Ogle


  • Maggotses

    One of my closest friend made a post about this game and he’s getting us into it! He told us it was like a shot of adrenaline in the heart… he already had one so he knows!!

    thank you for improving the gaming scene!!


    Omg. I wish I could get a key and play this awesome looking game.

  • Murilo Vieira

    notice me!!

  • PotananaJim

    If it’s possible could I get 5 keys for me and my streaming crew? =)

  • Lidor Gozlan

    hello free game

  • Stefanut Gicu
  • Tuddy

    Want this game no matter what…but for now i guess im just “hanging” around for the beta

  • Roberto Andrade
  • dsjrb
  • leodello

    need them keys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Muff

    I like that game too

  • Daniil Dobry
  • Zachary Quaigg


  • Zachary Quaigg

    it would be lots of fun to play with my friends

  • Thành Huy

    awesome game ! would like to try it !!

  • Artie Sanchez

    This looks amazing!! would love this game!!

  • Thomas Davis

    Yes please


    Hey guys I just found a really awosome website
    I didn’t thought it work first time, but than i managed to get keys for all my friends.


    hey guys, just found this website go and get a free key


    hey guys, just found this website go and get a free key 26/50 keys left for giveaway

  • rizqullah zein


  • Robert Coleman

    would love a beta key looks like a great game

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