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Destiny 2 PC vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

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During my recent trip to Bellevue and Bungie HQ, which was provided by Activision, I got to check out Destiny 2 on PC. The game arrives tomorrow, but I was playing the final retail build a solid PC. As a mainly PC gamer, this was like a dream come true, and solidified that Destiny 2 PC is the definitive version of the game. Still, I had to do a full comparison against the PS4 version I had at home. You can check that out below.

Just recording the footage for the PS4 version, which was done after playing through a mission on PC, was tough. The resolution and clarity was diminished significantly, but the main thing that was totally apparent was the lower framerate. Destiny 2 is 30fps on PS4 and I had been playing at a buttery smooth 60fps for a whole day. The choppiness hurt my eyes, despite the fact that I’d been able to play multiple hours of the game on PS4 before. There’s like a switch that gets flicked in your brain after playing in 60fps and you can’t go back after.

That’s not to say Destiny 2 is a bad, or even bad looking game on PS4. It’s a solid visual presentation, but it pales in comparison to what can be achieved on PC. Now, I will admit that I’d like to see how it runs on PS4 Pro, but I didn’t have one handy for the comparison. Still, there’s way more regular PS4’s out there than Pro consoles, so it’s important for potential buyers to see what they’ll be getting.

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We’ll have a full review coming up shortly, but be sure to check out my impressions so far, as well as some of the news that came out of the event.

Destiny 2 – PC vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

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