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Destiny 2 Cross-Play and Cross-Save? Bungie Has No Comment

by Kyle Hanson


With the release of Destiny 2 on PC gamers are once again wondering if they’ll ever be able to join up with their friends on other platforms. PS4 and Xbox One might not get along all that well, thanks to Sony’s insistence that they remain a closed network of sorts, but we’ve seen PC cross-play with consoles before. Could Destiny 2 PC join up with either PS4 or Xbox One for some PvE action, at the very least?

We asked Bungie this at a roundtable Q&A session with some of the developers behind the PC build of Destiny 2. When asked about cross-play between versions of the game, Destiny 2 PC lead David Shaw made sure to clarify that he was talking about cross-play, not cross-saves which would allow players to bounce between platforms while retaining their progress.

“We have no announcements, or anything really to say about Cross-Play, said Shaw. But, of course, since he brought up Cross-Save, making sure to specify which he was referring to, I had to ask, “what about Cross-Saves?”

Here Shaw once again deferred, laughing as he felt he’d led us into a bit of a trap. “Now I’m gonna give you another non-answer. I’ve led you into a trap. Cross-Save, we hear about it all the time. People have asked about it. It sure does cool. We think that’d be a neat thing, but we don’t have anything to announce about that either. But yeah, it sounds neat.”

So a non-answer, yes, but a non-answer with some substance. It’s clear that fans have been asking Bungie for Destiny 2 Cross-Play and Cross-Save functionality, and that they’ve heard them loud and clear. Will that do anything? Maybe not, in fact, probably not. Still, it’s good that they’re aware that this is something that players want and they might be looking at it behind the scenes.

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