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Dragon Ball Super Episode 31 Review: Bulma And Jaco Find Info On Super Dragon Balls

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 31 is a huge improvement over episode 30. Unlike last week, we are back to actual new content instead of just recaps of previous episodes. As the titles says, episode 31 focuses heavily on Jaco and Bulma.

The episode starts with Jaco on his way to Earth since Tights told him to come over. When on Earth, Jaco tells Bulma about a being called Lord Zuno who is a person that resides at the center of the Universe and knows about anything and everything. Jaco and Bulma want his advice to know where they can find the Super Dragon Balls. Zuno is one of the smartest people in the entire universe as he’s wiser than the Kais and even Whis.

Bulma then goes with Jaco into space to find Zuno. A humorous line in the script is when Vegeta warns Jaco not to do anything funny with Bulma or else there will be consequences. Bulma pretty much knows how to hold her own and punches Jaco anyway. While they are up in space, Jaco mentions Bulma has gotten a lot older when he first met her which leads to a flashback.

Kid Bulma played around with Jaco’s spaceship a lot of times. In the flashback, we find out that Bulma learnt how to fly spaceships and other flying vehicles thanks to Jaco – even though he didn’t approve of it. This is a nice touch of character development for Bulma.

After landing on Zuno’s planet, we see a place that looks like ancient Japanese shrines. Zuno’s servants appear and tell Jaco and Bulma that they cannot meet him without making an appointment. The trouble is that the next appointment won’t be happening until the next 7 years! The pair cannot afford to wait for that long to speak with Zuno as they need to speak with him now.

Suddenly a criminal appears and his name is Gepuman. He is a frog-like being that is red and wears weird looking of armor. Jaco actually got information to capture him at the start of the episode. Gepuman is on Zuno’s planet and threatens to shoot one of the servants in the head as he doesn’t want to get captured.


Luckily, Jaco saves the servant’s life by pulverizing Gepuman with ease. Because of Jaco’s actions, he and Bulma are allowed to speak to Zuno ASAP. Before they can ask Zuno questions, they are expected to give him a gift of some kind. Jaco only offers him a kiss on the cheek. He is only offered one question to ask since he’s a guy. Bulma is allowed three questions because she is a woman when she kisses him.

For some reason, Zuno asks Bulma about the size of her breasts. This is a type of humor that wasn’t really featured much in Dragon Ball Z and is more reminiscent to Dragon Ball. Bulma says her breast size used to be bigger, but they have started sagging due to breastfeeding and old age.

Anyway, Bulma uses up her questions quite quickly but the only one she manages to ask is the history of the Super Dragon Balls. We now learn that there is only one set of Super Dragon Balls that are spread across both Universe 6 and Universe 7. The Super Dragon Balls were originally conceived by the God of Dragons whose name is Zarama and they were made a very long time ago. They have the power to grant one wish although their wishing power is more powerful than other Dragon Balls. However, Zuno never talks about the location of the seventh ball.

Bulma and Jaco are then escorted out of Zuno’s planet as they asked too many questions after Bulma gets carried away. Back on planet Earth, Bulma explains to Vegeta and Goku more about what she has learnt about the Super Dragon Balls. This Dragon Ball Super episode ends when Goku says to Bulma that Jaco told him about her breasts getting smaller from her old age. She screams loudly which concludes this humorous episode.

Dragon Ball Super episode 31 is a big improvement over last week. We got to meet a ton of new characters and we know more about the history of the Dragon Ball universe itself. The humor might be a bit sexist for some audiences, although this is made in Japan and that sort of stuff happens more frequently over there. However, the episode is still entertaining nonetheless.

Join us next week as we review episode 32 of Dragon Ball Super. Episode 32 we will find out all of the participants in Team Beerus and Team Champa. We also get to meet Monaka for the very first time as he’s the character that is supposed to be stronger than both Goku and Vegeta.

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