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Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 Review: Future Trunks Meets Gohan

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 52 is another somewhat filler episode as we get to see more about the relationship between Future Trunks and the present version of Gohan. Many fans will know how this is going to play out.

Before this episode aired, there was a meme going around about how Future Trunks will feel when he sees the current nerdy version of Gohan. Well this episode of Dragon Ball Super kind of makes this meme turn into a reality. We also see the return of the Great Saiyaman too…

If you remember correctly, Future Trunks had a bad-ass Adult Gohan as his mentor. Sadly though, this version of Gohan lost his arm, and then later died at the hands of the androids. We obviously know the current Gohan is nothing like that version.

The episode actually starts out with Bulma fixing the time machine along with her dad and the Pilaf gang. There is a funny sub plot that Kid Trunks has to woo Mai after he saw Mai blush over the Future Trunks in last week’s episode. No matter how many times he tries to impress Mai, she keeps ignoring him.

The next scene sees Vegeta training by himself. There is something burning inside of him that really hates Black Goku. He wants to train really hard in order to face and defeat Black Goku once and for all.

Future Trunks is also thinking about Black Goku all of the time and it’s giving him nightmares. He wakes up to see how the time machine is going and Mai is still gushing over him. The blue liquid Bulma was working on a few weeks ago with Monaka is similar to the fuel that is needed to power the time machine. There is only a day left before she says it will be ready.


Future Trunks wants to meet up with Gohan since he hasn’t seen him since the Cell saga. Krillin and Piccolo say he’s not a fighter now as he’s a scholar. Gohan is at another conference and he notices Future Trunks immediately.

There isn’t a lot of action from this point onward as it’s just Future Trunks and Gohan bonding with one another. Several flashbacks are in this episode as Future Trunks remembers the Gohan from this timeline as well as our Gohan when he was fighting Cell.

Gohan introduces Future Trunks to his family including Pan, Videl and even Hercule. Future Trunks still remembers Hercule as that weakling in the Cell saga. Future Trunks also bonds a lot of Pan and it’s nice to see scenes like this.

Sadly, Future Trunks has a dream of having dinner with his mom and Videl and this makes him cry. Future Trunks is unable to live a happy life with his friends and family thanks to Black Goku. After all that, Future Trunks goes back home to ask where Goku is. Goku has gone with Beerus and Whis to Universe 10 as they are following the power level they felt from Black Goku. The episode ends with our first look at Zamasu who resides on a strange looking planet.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super episode 52 was good to watch if you want to see Future Trunks’ reaction to meeting Gohan. As a whole though, there wasn’t much in terms of story progression. Episode 53 might be more exciting as we could get more clues to the identity of Black Goku. Episode 53 airs in two week’s time as there is a break next week.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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