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E3 2016: Top Sony PS4 Announcements We’d Like To See

by Damian Seeto


Sony’s E3 2015 press conference was arguably the best one in history as it announced three games that people never thought would see the light of day. Here’s some of the things we wish to see from Sony at E3 2016 that could potentially top last year’s monumental event.

It’s hard to do a top 10 list as everyone has their own opinions on what it most important to them. Instead, we just came up with a list in no particular order that we hope to see at E3 2016.

PS4 Neo announcement: This is a topic that has already been circulating around the web for the last couple of weeks. Sony will be announcing an upgraded version of the PS4 being dubbed the “Neo”. Obviously at E3 2016, we’d like to see what it looks like and also what it is capable of. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End showed how good graphics can be on a normal PS4 console, so what will games look like on a Neo? Will we finally get the same visual quality that we see in a Pixar animated film?

Naughty Dog’s new game: Naughty Dog already released Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End earlier this year and it was a hit. Now everyone is wondering what is next for the talented developer. The Last of Us 2 is a possibility, although Naughty Dog could also show off a new IP of some sort. In either case, hopefully E3 2016 shows us what the studio is planning next. This leads us into…

Crash Bandicoot on PS4: If you played through Uncharted 4, you would know already that the game adds a Crash Bandicoot easter egg. It’s not just a visual easter egg either because a small Crash Bandicoot level is actually playable in Uncharted 4. This tease has everyone hoping that Sony has somehow bought back the rights to the legendary character. Sony has denied buying back the character in the past, but hopefully they’re just saying that in order to surprise us all at E3 2016.

More from Tekken 7: Not a lot has been talked about on the console version of Tekken 7. We know it’s coming out on consoles, but Bandai Namco has not mentioned a thing on when it will be released. Hopefully during E3 2016, we at least get a release window for the game. Bandai Namco could also choose to announce any special guests that are in the game as Street Fighter’s Akuma cannot be the only one.


Gameplay footage of the big 3: The big three we are referring to are Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Shenmue 3 and The Last Guardian. We have seen a bit from all three games, but not enough over the past year. It will be great to see how all three games are at in this stage of development. The Last Guardian is supposed to be out later this year so expect to see that game before the other two.

Release dates galore: Sony announced that the PlayStation VR will be out in October, but they haven’t given us a specific release date yet. Expect them to announce a worldwide release date for the device. There are also a lot of PS4 exclusives without any dates apart from Gran Turismo Sport. At E3 2016, Sony should give us release dates for the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2 and more.

A new Spider-Man game: There are rumors that Sucker Punch are in the middle of developing a new Spider-Man video game for the PS4. Comic books are dominating the movie industry, but sadly only Batman has been successful in console/PC video gaming lately. Spider-Man 2 is regarded by many to be the best Spider-Man game of all time. Hopefully if this new game is being made, it can give Spider-Man 2 a run for its money.

God of War 4: Much like Naughty Dog’s new game, Sony Santa Monica has been awfully quiet on what they are doing lately. God of War 4 will make fans happy as it’s been a while since we have seen a fresh new God of War game. Not to mention we need a good hack-n-slash title on PS4.

Ape Escape 4 or Jak 4?: Ratchet and Clank PS4 proved to everyone that people still loves platform games. The newest Ratchet and Clank is the fastest selling of the whole franchise. Platform games used to be abundant on Sony consoles, but they sadly died out a bit. It will be cool if Sony revived the genre by giving us Ape Escape 4 or Jak 4.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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