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Fans Should Choose The Cover For WWE 2K16

by Damian Seeto


Madden and sometimes NHL games from EA Sports allow the fans to vote on the cover athlete. It’s about time this happens with WWE 2K16.

Historically, WWE video games have never given the fans a chance to choose the cover athlete. The past two years the covers have been slightly controversial.

In WWE 2K14, The Rock was on the cover. As popular as he is, some people felt someone new should have been on it. After all, The Rock is not an active WWE Superstar as he’s a Hollywood actor now. WWE 2K15 had John Cena on the cover. Many people hated this choice as fans see him on the cover of everything else.

It’s about time the fans get to choose the official cover for WWE 2K16. I’m not talking about voting for an “alternative cover” like it was done in the past. Fans should vote on the cover that actually gets shipped out to retail stores.

The WWE 2K16 cover might be released soon. The best candidates for the cover could either be, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose or Brock Lesnar. It will be interesting if they decide to put more than one WWE Superstar this year like in previous games before WWE ’12.

However, my gut tells me WWE won’t allow the fans to vote on the cover for WWE 2K16. If anything, the company usually likes to dictate what the audience should like or dislike. If you have a problem with Roman Reigns being the cover star, you may have to “deal with it”.

WWE usually has a big say on who makes the cover for every game each year. CM Punk revealed the company wanted Sheamus on the cover for WWE ’13 instead of him. Luckily THQ at the time disagreed and went with CM Punk.

Anyway, I don’t think WWE 2K16 is the year that fans will vote on the cover. However, I feel the fans should have a say on who goes on the cover for each WWE video game. It seems a bit unfair that WWE chooses who they want to see all of the time.

Let’s just hope WWE 2K16 does not have John Cena on the cover for the millionth time…

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