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Guitar Hero TV Manages To Reinvigorate The Franchise

by William Schwartz


Guitar Hero Live has been a bit of a mystery since it’s reveal. All we knew previously was that the title is going to be a complete overhaul of the franchise and utilize a brand new controller with six buttons and that it will include something called Guitar Hero TV. After getting some time with the game I have to say Guitar Hero TV holds a lot of potential for Guitar Hero Live and the future of the franchise.

Guitar Hero TV adds an online component, which trumps any other currently available in a music game. It allows for stop and go playing of any track, a very competitive online leaderboard and customization options for player cards and highways. Fans who play together with friends at parties and whatnot, will not have to worry about ‘failing out’ of a song. Instead, the video will play and take full screen while dissolving the highway. It is a neat little feature that’s great if you plan on having friends over to shred along with. The service that is tied to Guitar Hero Live will launch with “hundreds” of songs on Guitar Hero TV.

Guitar Hero TV will have premium content which ranges from exclusive content such as the showing of a music video for the first time or world premiere songs. It comes tied to in-game unlocks that players can strive to earn through playing these showcased tracks, such as unique player cards or special highways. These cannot be bought, only earned.


‘Plays’ are a currency that fans will utilize to play specific songs that are not currently playing on either the ‘new’ or as a part of the many curated channels. There are some microtransactions thrown in there with the ability to stock up and buy ‘plays’ as well as a Guitar Hero Pass to unlock all songs, but it all completely optional. Everything you can unlock and earn, including ‘Plays’.

Fans have a lot to look forward to with Guitar Hero TV, be it the competitive nature or the wide array of songs available in the service. If you are a Guitar Hero fan, this can change everything.

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