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We Happy Few: Impressions and Gameplay from Early Access Preview

by Kyle Hanson


We Happy Few is one of those games that might not be on the top of your “most anticipated” list, but as soon as you see a trailer you are pretty much sold on the experience. The game features one of the most intriguing and engaging art styles of any upcoming game. It’s mixture of dark, yet colorful visual styling is both immersive and foreboding in a number of ways. After a long development cycle, the game is hitting early access, though there is still work to be done, We Happy Few is looking like the gameplay will live up to the art style that has enraptured so many.

We Happy Few sets up a dystopian world in which people are all hooked on a drug called Joy. This drug makes everything seem wonderful, and everyone as happy as they can be, even if the world around them is slowly crumbling. You play as a man who has suddenly went off his Joy. As he begins to come down, becoming what the inhabitants of this world call “a downer”, he starts to see the world for what it is. He quickly escapes into Wellington Wells and begins a quest of survival.

Survival is the real key to We Happy Few. The game does have a narrative, and offers up missions as you progress through the game, but overall you’ll be contending with the environment and your own physical needs. On top of this is a crafting system that is extremely intricate and complex. Players will be scavenging through homes and ruins, looking for food and water that isn’t laced with Joy. Eventually, if you complete the right quests, you’ll make your way back into regular society.

Here you need to also worry about stealth, as other characters will notice your “downer” nature and begin to attack Of course, you could just pop some Joy. Doing so does have some negative effects, but the best part is how it alters the world around you. I won’t spoil it too much, but check out the video below to get a glimpse of it all. We also break down what we’ve seen from We Happy Few even more, so give it a watch.

This is We Happy Few Early Access

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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