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For Honor 1v1 Hands-On Impressions and Gameplay

by Kyle Hanson


After being thoroughly impressed with For Honor as a whole, but its 4v4 multiplayer combat especially, it was a real treat to try out the newly announced 1v1 mode at PAX West 2016. Taking the epic, sweeping battles of the 4v4 gamemode and dialing them down to single combat, the 1v1 fights were even more tense, without all the teamwork that is often so difficult to pull off. Both modes have their merits, but for those seeking a simpler, and possibly more competitive experience, you can’t go wrong with For Honor 1v1.

You can check out an entire match, as well as get my thoughts in the video below. Matches, at least for this demo, were best of five. Pitting one fighter against another in smaller sections of the large maps featured in the main multiplayer component, the 1v1 gameplay felt immediately familiar.

The fights played out just like 1v1 fights would in the larger matches, but they were much more focused. I no longer had to watch my back, waiting for either a sword to slash me, or come to my aid. Instead, I could focus on this one fight with this one opponent. With For Honor already having a deep and enjoyable combat system, this was a treat.

It was also interesting to see different parts of the map, and focus in on them as well. While I might run across a bridge during a normal match, looking to defend a point, or help out a teammate, now I had to stay on that bridge and use its terrain to my advantage, or not as the video will show.

For Honor was already looking like an amazing game, and 1v1 just solidified that feeling for me. It might not be everyone’s go-to gamemode, but it will offer a lot of variety, and a toned down experience for when 4v4 gets to be too much or too repetitive.

For Honor hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 14th, 2017.

For Honor – 1v1 Dual Mode Gameplay Reveal and Impressions

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