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How To Get The Cheating In Rainbow Six Siege Out Of Your Head

Cheating also plays on the mind just as much as the match, don't let it beat you on two fronts.

by Chris Hepburn


Rainbow Six Siege has been hit with a plague of cheaters on the console side of things where people are using third-party adapters to use mouse and keyboard to play. The problem has only grown with influencers and content creators talking about it non-stop on the internet. This article doing that exact thing, the irony is not lost on me, but I suggest we look at it from a ‘glass-half-full’ perspective. Personally, I have been playing a lot more lately, the negativity has hit me and is visible in the community, it should change, and this applies to all games.

One of the biggest problems cheating has had on the Rainbow Six Siege is that players feel the need to get similar or same devices to level the playing field or even raise the ranks if that matters to them. The kinds of devices people look for attach to the controller and allow for codes/scripts to be loaded into them that influence what the controller sends the system. For instance, a script could be made to heavily reduce Ela’s recoil, which is known for the heavy horizontal spread, while still allowing the player full aim capabilities.

The likelihood of running into someone cheating is far less likely if a player is of lower rank or just messing around in quick play. All gamers need to remember people can perform great feats in games and still can. As a community, gamers, and players of any online competitive shooter should give people the benefit of the doubt that they got a lucky shot, or even more so have skill. Believing the person beat you by cheating just because they got a perfect headshot or managed to control their recoil will only sour the experience. This negative mindset will only fester and spread through the community.


A player can add extra buttons or change the way the controller is shaped to help with gameplay or accessibility, which I would argue is not cheating; with no code being altered or added to what the developers created nor has the way of interaction been drastically changed. Although another form of cheating is using adapters to completely change the way the Rainbow Six Siege is interacted with by using a mouse and keyboard, not only have they changed the type of skill needed to play they have also given themselves a boost to the skill ceiling for aiming, allow for more precise actions by using, up to, the whole arm to aim. 

Yes, some people are cheating but you as a player also still have the skills to beat them. Rainbow Six Siege holds far more depth than just partaking in shootouts. Players can outsmart each other and have creative gameplans that no aim assist can beat. In most cases, games have some sort of aim assist built-in on consoles because controllers use a smaller range of motion and thus harder to build the perfect muscle memory, using just the thumb, or even be perfectly accurate. Rainbow Six Siege on the other hand does not have any aim assist on the console, so any kill the player gets is out of sheer skill. A great amount of skill can be achieved in Rainbow Six Siege as possible with any game. Even before cheating became such a big problem, people practiced and learnt how to do incredibly impressive feats in such a technical title and still perform them. Just because someone has less recoil or can be more accurate does not mean they are unbeatable, and never let yourself think people performing great feats are automatically cheating otherwise you kill your own fun, not them.

- This article was updated on:January 24th, 2021

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