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Lawbreakers Interview – What’s in the Closed Beta and What’s to Come

by Kyle Hanson


Lawbreakers is in Closed Beta right now, which will run for just a few more days. You can still try to get in by clicking here and finding the link in the top right of the screen. Before the beta even went live though, we got to try the game out at last weekend’s PAX East 2017. I was terrible at it, but had a ton of fun trying to secure objectives and blowing away anybody that got in my way. You can read more about my impressions below, and below that is an interview I did with Lawbreakers’ Lead Designer Dan Nanni.


Lawbreakers is trying to do a few things. It’s bringing back a lot of the classic shooter style that has been lost in later entries in the genre, while also keeping up with modern times, including classes for players to choose from. This combination works surprisingly well, offering variety that still fits within the constraints of the fast paced shooter styles of the past.

I’ve played the game before and enjoyed it, and the team has done nothing but improve it on its way to a final release late this year. Adding new classes to the experience, I tried out the Lawbreakers equivalent to a sniper, the gunslinger. This was tough to get used to in my single game, but the strategies that this character opens up, with his high damage shots, are quite apparent.

Lawbreakers works best when you work as a team, moving from one objective to another as a unit. The gamemode that we tried out was new for the game, tasking us with securing any of three locations on the map. Once we did, that location was locked until the next round. First team to lock down 13 objective points wins.

As I saw our defeat looming before me, I also saw exactly why we would lose. Moving to objective B, firing off some long range shots to try to eliminate some of the defenders, I saw how well they were working as a team. Still, as I switched classes to one that better suited me, I started to be able to swing even lopsided fights to my side. This shows a few things about Lawbreakers. It is a skill based game, and better players will do better. But it is also a team game, and working as a unit can compensate for lack of reflexes or accuracy.

Lawbreakers has a long road ahead of it, and the competition in this field has only increased as time goes on. The team is dedicated though, and it seems to be building its own audience within this space. Be sure to try to get into the Closed Beta and check out the interview below for more on that and the road ahead for Lawbreakers.

Lawbreakers Interview from PAX East 2017

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