Modern Warfare 2 Maps: 10 Classic Maps That Should Be Remade for Call of Duty 2022

The great maps of Modern Warfare 2 that should see a remake in 2022.

by Charles Cleveland


The direct sequel to Activision’s latest Modern Warfare is inevitably around the corner, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The original Modern Warfare 2 featured some of the most iconic multiplayer maps to ever exist in Call of Duty. While there will undoubtedly be some great new maps dropping with this game, one cannot help to hope that we will see some old maps remastered from the original Modern Warfare 2. With this in mind here is a list of 10 classic Modern Warfare 2 maps that we think have a strong chance of getting remade in this upcoming game.


Located near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant lies one of the greatest sniper-friendly maps in all of Call of Duty, Wasteland. This map is certainly more suited to ranged gameplay, and as such, it was always popular for players to sit back and exploit that from the bunker or tall grasses. are popularly exploited as they blend extremely well with the grass around the map.



The broken-down society of Rio de Janeiro, Favela was one of the most popular maps back in 2019. A smaller map that featured both ground and roof combat. Players had a less straight forward battlefield as the terrain allowed for height advantages from all angles. Though the roofs offered great oversight, they also lacked cover, excellently evening out the battlefield from all angles.



Afghan was a map that inspired a lot of future maps. While it is not overly distinguishable from these inspirations it was one of the first truly great desert maps. Afghan was perfect for Team Deathmatch and other team-based objective modes. It was a perfectly crafted battle zone that modeled itself off of the wars soldiers were fighting at the time. You weren’t in an airport or some millionaire’s mansion grounds; you were in the deserts of Afghanistan. There was a proper place for all types of players, snipers and marksman had solid points of cover to protect their infantry. Afghan was a fun map, and hopefully, Infinity Ward brings it over in this new Modern Warfare 2.



Scrapyard is one of the few classic maps that made it into the latest Modern Warfare (2019), but not as a complete remastered multiplayer map. In the Battle Royale Mode, there is a clear area of the large map that is modeled after Scrapyard, and while it is not totally the same you can see the influence the Scrapyard map had.  However, the original made for a fantastic multiplayer map. An aircraft boneyard, the map consists of multiple broken planes, hangers and business buildings to run through. Scrapyard made for a great map for almost all types of matches and getting a chance to play a remastered version of it would certainly be a treat.



This map is often remembered as one of the original trick-shotting maps that helped evolve the sniping community. It’s quite an open map with a lot of potential for holding angles and has several spots high enough to hit insane trick shots. Without this map, it’s possible the sniping community wouldn’t be where it’s at right now, or it just wouldn’t be the same. One of the buildings has a secret way of getting on top of its roof which was a very cool thing that most fans will never forget. Highrise would be great to see make a return in a future game.



Without a doubt Underpass was a map that offered plenty of camping spots that came in handy with Search & Destroy missions. However, there was always the possibility of getting taken out by marksman you never even saw until the kill cam showed you. It provided a challenging experience for players of all play types and despite its plentiful camping spots the map was fairly popular for the time.



Invasion was one of the more colorful maps in the original Modern Warfare 2It’s a close-quarters map that was great for Free for All, which makes it stand out from a lot of the other maps. The buildings created a fast-paced match and was heaven for shotgun-wielding players.



The map based on the mission that brought all gamers to tears. Estate is a heavily wooded area with a cabin house serving as the main point of interest situated on a hill. It always provided a great challenge trying to get control of the house, and an even bigger one trying to hold onto the house. It is a well-made map that easily influences the players to go slug it out over in the center house. The house is a three-story dwelling that provides the perfect gameplay for those who love to run shotguns, and these types of maps were not always prevalent.



An undeniable classic for more reasons that one. The multiplayer map that based itself on the terminal from the main story mission, No Russia, is still revered as one of the greatest maps of all time. The large plane that stoked chaotic combat, sniping from the cockpit, running around the airport like gunnuts with not even a single TSA agent in sight? It was a bit chaotic, but with its several closed in hallways, small coffee shop, and open terminal space to run around in there was so much to love about this map.



Another classic map that became an absolute staple for the original Modern Warfare 2 was Rust. A small rusty oil yard that acted like a playground for players. With so many places to run around both above and below it created an environment that screamed classic Call of Duty, for better or for worse. For example, the battle was pure chaos, you could get spawn killed at any moment, enemy players could be hiding around any corner or even above you, and there was always that one great sniper who seemed to rule from on high. Yet despite this, Rust became one of the most coveted maps in Modern Warfare 2.


It goes without saying that one of the greatest Call of Duty games of all time would have some of the most amazing maps. While most of these certainly won’t be remade because of their lack of popularity or the fact that they have already been remade at least once before, hopefully there is hope that we will get to see a couple of these maps return in Call of Duty 2022 Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be released later this year on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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